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What are doomsday preppers doing these days? Have they moved to their shelters for the duration?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27787points) 1 week ago

Back before Y2K (young Fluther users, ask your parents what that was), and then at various times after that, groups called Doomsday Preppers built all sorts of survival basements with years of supplies and food as they prepared for the end of the world.

In fact, there was a TV show called Doomsday Preppers.

My question: have the preppers yet taken to their shelters for the duration of COVID-19?

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No need for that, yet.
As soon as this thing goes way out of control and their fellow men will come for their food, guns toting and all, then they might retreat down.
Till then, they only need to go to the basement to get some beans and rice.
Which they will eat, upstairs, in their homes.

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@rebbel Can you believe that in places in the States sales of guns and ammunition have skyrocketed?

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I doubt they can find room in the shelters amid all the toilet paper.

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@janbb Yes, I can, it was reported here some days ago…

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Most of the preppers are finding out their food expired years ago, so now they are eating the old stuff and realizing it wouldn’t taste good even if it was fresh.

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We can only hope,less of those idiots panicing in public the better, but don’t worry I hear they have plenty of toilet paper for their stay.

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They’re using compressed towels plus they have numerous plants that they grow in their own yard. Female perspective

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Maybe they’re Stuck in the middle with flu…

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The question tells me the OP does not understand prepping. When you were watching the show Doomsday Preppers, did you notice that in each case, the group had a specific doomsday scenario for which they were preparing? And in almost all of those scenarios, shortages of goods and services were rampant in the world. Most of the groups had preparations for hunkering down where they were, but they usually had some “bug out” plan. The idea is that if society starts breaking down and it becomes every man for himself, the group will be able to survive where they are, unless things really get bad and then they have the option and the plan to leave their homes and go to a “fall back” position.
Right now, we aren’t seeing really any of the crises for which a doomsday prepper would prepare. We are seeing some inconveniences…period. And so they (the preppers) are probably sitting back and watching how things are going…pretty much like the rest of us. No reason to “bug out” since there aren’t any real threats to them right now.

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I ate some of my survival food (granola with milk and blueberries), and pantry food (spaghetti) and have a months supply of TP. Not needed anymore since I have Meals on Wheels, and food delivery (after it is picked over by shoppers in person).
Still hungry.
Self isolating till April 1st or so.

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Preppers don’t stock and forget.
One aspect of preparedness is knowing when to cycle out stock to the kitchen and replace it.

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@Patty_Melt I am glad that I stocked up before the crisis. An extended run on groceries will affect me too. I have a months supply of tp and a large box of spaghetti and meat sauce for dinners, and lots of oatmeal. Instant and non instant.

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I hope 19 doesn’t last long enough for you to run out.

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