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How come only one chat room seems to be working (sea turtles) the other two do not?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20612points) March 25th, 2020

none needed.

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It doesn’t work for you? What exactly is the problem?

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The page stops half way you can’t get to the bottom to post anything.

Sea turtles is the only one that seems to be working fine.

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Hey @longgone they all seem to be working fine now thanks!

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I haven’t tried the chat, but I’ve been having problems with the site loading since Sunday night. Last night I responded to a Q and when I hit submit, it crashed & I couldn’t get back in. Also, any time I give a GA, it’s jumping up to the top of the screen & anything I might have been typing just disappears. Also, until today I’ve had no Live Preview. I just assumed that some IT person was making an adjustment or the system was overloaded from all of us istaying home being on at the same time.

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