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Making Money with a Website?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (678points) March 25th, 2020

I have a website idea but I am not sure of the actual financial projections. How do you determine how much could be made from affiliate marketing, advertising, etc? I will just be offering information (no physical products) with links to Amazon and other sites. Is there a good resource that breaks this down for me?

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Depends on how compelling the content on your site is. There are gajillions of websites like this. What would make yours stand out?

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Advertising depends on the contract you have for it, and usually pays based on the number of views and clickthroughs it generates. Affiliate marketing (and other types of ad/promotion deals) etc depend on the specific contracts you can arrange. For example, if you know some companies which would actually be of interest to your viewers based on related content, you might try to sell those companies on a deal where they pay you in exchange for ads (you can get better ad rates and more clickthroughs if you have actual interested customers on your site… but you kind of need a site and lots of viewers before a company will be interested in offering you something, and even then, that takes work to manage those relationships) and/or product reviews or something. You can link to Amazon products with a referral code such that if someone follows a link from your site and they buys, you get a small percentage.

In general, you need a fairly large amount of regular viewers to generate much money with an informational web site.

There are various articles and books on the subject that you should be able to find easily with a web search.

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