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How do i install windows on a external hard drive using a MacBook?

Asked by thedonja (95points) September 1st, 2008

i’m using a western digital USB “MyBook” 500GB, there is 3 partitions on the drive already, (“Time Machine” 300GB) and two FAT32 80GB partitions

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Unless there is some complication not listed up above, you ought to be able to make another partition on the HDD with Boot-camp. From here, you can install windows as you would normally.

When you wish to boot from it, just hold Option-Command-Shift-Delete at the apple screen. You should get a menu to get to another bootable volume.

Hope this helps.

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I didn’t think you could install windows on an external hard drive. But I could be wrong

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Well, the article is dated, but check here . It should give you a good idea of how to go about it. =)

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According to an article I read (I was considering this briefly as well), windows really doesn’t like to be run from an external drive. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I read that, but it was enough to convince me to upgrade my internal.

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Ohh, sorry. I though we were passed the ‘what windows likes’ by nature of the question. It is true that Windows will drag its feet to be installed on a USB drive, but it is doable!

See here for a general tasklist, and here to modify the Windows install disk.

The main issue here is modifying the file about which things can boot, specifically USB devices. All of this is possible (albeit a little risky). I wouldn’t do it if you are not comfortable ripping and burning disk images and modifying config. files.

Hope it turns out for the best

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Some MacBooks don’t seem to be able to boot from USB, in my experience. Some do. I can’t really find the pattern.

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