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Do you think human inhabitants on Earth have learned enough lesson about pandemics and would now work together to develop global preventive plans?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24668points) 4 days ago

If you think it’s possible that nations around the world could and would cooperate on this, what do you think should be on the list of things to do?

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Look around you.
Of course not.

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Some have.

Nobody in the White House, though.

I look for the best responses at the neighborhood and community level: the neighbor who posts “Anybody need anything? I can go pick it up for you on a bike.” The mayor who says “The city has received 109 state trailers to house homeless individuals.”

I also salute the governors who are doing everything they can for the people of their state, regardless of party politics, and especially those that are dodging the president’s efforts to set them against each other in a grotesque parody of “The Hunger Games.”

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They could be cooperating now and instead China and Trump are finger pointing so why would that change in the future? And we could have learned from the other recent virus crisis and the warnings of scientists but we didn’t so no, I don’t think we will.

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^^This time it’s different though.

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@mazingerz88 So why isn’t everyone working together?

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Not now. Eventually. Soon I hope.

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Easy answer. NO

Countries will always want to score political victories over other countries.

We will never live in a kum-ba-ya world.

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Not really but Trump hopes everyone goes to church on Easter and back to work April 13th.

It’s important for his stock portfolio !!

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Next time for sure.

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Not a chance Money and politics mean way more trhan human lives, sorry to sound heartless but prove me wrong.

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Heck, no. If humans were that smart, they would have given up war ages ago.

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Under Obama it was possible.
Trump no way. Too stupid.

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I would be interested to know if China is questioning some of their practices regarding animals. Not that I don’t think it could happen anywhere, even the US, but a few very bad virus strains have started there now.

I think Trump or one of his groupies put the accusation of the American military starting the virus out there not China. Maybe even Russia did it, who knows. Too pat. Too perfect to get his people riled up. He mentioned having read up on Spanish flu, so he probably got the idea there.

I do think a lot of the world will try to work together regarding pandemics. The scientists work together. The politicians need to get a grip and not make pandemics political and not about making money. I guess when we are the United Earth and there is no longer any currency needed the world will be working together. That might be the same year we figure out how to achieve warp speed.

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NO. It’s exactly like global warming. Everyone knows there are going to be more of these. Everyone knows that they are going to increase in frequency. Just consider the last 10 years. Sars, ebola, bird flu. These things pop out of China in particular with the regularity of Paris fashions. And as the numbers and crowding of us increase the nightmares ahead of us are terrifying to contemplate. Just consider what’s in store for the 3rd world in the coming years. The one thing guaranteed involving the next pandemic is the exact same thing it has in common with all the others. When it comes, no one will be prepared for it.

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Everyone is being so stuck on politics. There is a great deal going on in our country which don’t need political input to move forward. For instance, grocery stores, something marts, and other retailers should have a system worked out they can implement during times of emergency. Letting elderly and special cases in the first hour of the day is a good start, but when that happens, the electric carts are rarely are enough to go around.
I’m sure they understand rationing by now.
Churches should come up with an emergency plan.
Citizens should by now realize the importance of maintaining an emergency stash.

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There is no getting around the political aspects of any national emergency because at bottom they are in great part about leadership and decisions—politics. You need only contrast the declarations and behavior of our President with those of Governor Cuomo of New York or the rather appalling Governor Reeves in Mississippi to understand that whose political sway you fall under (in other words—where you live) might well determine whether you live or die in this epidemic.

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