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What would be your reaction to seeing a 4th grader flip themselves over in a chair?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) March 25th, 2020

I was a 4th grader in 2008–2009. My friend Shania puked on a textbook while the teacher was out of the room. I wanted to see it so I ran over and I got grossed out. The teacher was coming back in so my classmates told me to sit down. I ran back to my seat and I flung myself onto my chair which meant that I had way too much momentum. The chair flipped over sending me onto the ground. I still laugh my butt off thinking about it.

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I’d point and laugh.

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I’d be very glad it wasn’t my child.

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I would be afraid that the child got hurt, and I would wonder what had happened to cause such an accident.

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