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Is there a high quality ear bud that can fast forward and rewind?

Asked by Caravanfan (7259points) 1 week ago

I have a pair of the over the ears Bose noise cancelling headphones, and it allowed me to go backwards and forwards by swiping. This is useful as I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. My daughter’s Apple Air pods don’t have this functionality—you can just tap to the next song. But I want to be able to rewind, say 15 seconds.

Is this a thing in earbuds?

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Google for earbud three button remote. I looked at the manual for one model (JBL T110BT) and the PDF seems to say the ”+” and ”-” buttons are FF and REW when playing music.

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You can set the behavior of AirPods to skip the song or the next few seconds. Click the “i” icon on your AirPods when they’re paired to set this functionality.

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@ihavereturned Thanks. I’m actually more interested in a rewind feature. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and when my attention wanders I want to go back 15–30 seconds to refresh. What I do now is take my phone out and click the rewind button.

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You can set that too!

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Further, you can set one AirPod to rewind and the other to forward.

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@ihavereturned Thanks! I actually had a chat with Apple support yesterday and they said that it couldn’t do that. But she was just a Tier 1 chat support.

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It depends on the app. For example, if you look at Podcast settings, you can make the skip buttons either be for skipping tracks or skipping forward of back by a few seconds.

Once you’ve set that, go to the AirPods setting in the Bluetooth page and set the left AirPod for previous, and the right AirPod for next.

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@ihavereturned Thanks. So it’s a function of the app, not the buds.

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If the app setting don’t do that, and you are still shopping, I like the Wirecutter for product reviews. They test lots of models against each other and make a few recommendations.

They separate the earbuds into categories – wireless, wired, under $50.

The Wirecutter – Earbuds

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