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Can my governor stop planes from coming into my state?

Asked by JLeslie (61538points) March 26th, 2020 from iPhone

Florida has received a ton of people from the New York City area over the last couple of weeks, and as you know NYC is the epicenter of the country for COVID19. A lot of people are pissed. Our governor in FL is saying he couldn’t stop the planes. Is that true?

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The planes are under the control of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) or the President of the United States . After 9/11 the FAA had all planes land and they were grounded until September 13, 2001.

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@Tropical_Willie I thought about the same thing, that the president grounded the planes during 9/11, but who has control over the airports in Florida? Can the governor not allow flights to land or close airports?

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I googled and this is the first link I found. It doesn’t specifically mention airports but I didn’t read it that carefully.

I was thinking one thing that would pose difficulty is that if any Floridians were coming back home, and they couldn’t fly, they might be very upset. Since governors are elected, as politicians they try not to piss people off.

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@jca2 I do think part of the problem is some people traveling here are residents of the state of Florida.

I’m glad the governor put out an order for people to self quarantine for 14 days. Some people will comply. Every little bit helps.

The governor said the airlines are hurting so they are going to push for the president to not stop flights.

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You make it sound like Florida is being overrun by refugees. And a governor cannot prohibit residents from one state from entering, that would be unconstitutional. Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution: The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

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@zenvelo Who are you talking to?

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@JLeslie You, the OP.

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The Federal government has jurisdiction over interstate commerce. The states are allowed to restrict the import of “exotic” or “undesirable” life forms within the state, so presumably the state cannot stop the plane, but might forbid anyone from leaving it upon arrival.

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@zenvelo What refugees? It’s residents of Florida, people who have a home in Florida, spring breakers, and people who want to get out of NY, and people doing business in Florida. That’s probably the bulk of it.

I’m happy the governor put in an order for people who come here to self quarantine for 14 days. It won’t be adhered to 100%, but people will hopefully try to do their best.

I was just wondering how the jurisdictions work and the powers the governor has.

I asked my sister 3 weeks ago if she wanted to come here, she lives in NYC. It’s not really better where I live though because my city has a mean age of 70! And, hospitals fill up here without C19. Plus, the quality of the healthcare here is questionable. She has been preparing for this since about 2 months ago. Ordered supplies, food, so she probably is better of one NY as long as civil unrest doesn’t break out.

Thanks for the reference by the way about not prohibiting residents from other states. I didn’t know about that specific clause.

The government does seem to have the power to quarantine or isolate people though.

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