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What's your favorite way to experience a story?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (33248points) 3 days ago

,Books, film, music, word of mouth, plays, art interpretive dance

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Video Game, because of immersion, player agency, and ideally storylines branching based on the choices made.

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@ragingloli -I forgot about that one.
A friend of mine kept getting killed as he was distracted by the large breasts of his avatar.

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Reading. Books, mainly, meaning printed and bound paper but also (albeit somewhat grudgingly) electronic copies in an e-reader.

•  The words matter. If they don’t, I stop reading it.
•  There’s an inexhaustible supply.
•  I can choose my own pace, reread all or portions, make notes on the pages, see how much is left, find target passages easily.
•  Books are shareable, inheritable, and bequeathable.
•  Books can keep you company like no other medium. You’re welcomed into the author’s private space of mind and memory and thought.
•  If absolutely necessary, you can toast your marshmallows over them.

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Reading is my number one choice, for all the reasons @Jeruba said. I do enjoy listening to stories via podcast, though. Certain types of stories, especially if they are personal, are better told out loud.

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And you can read quietly, without driving other people nuts.

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Theater. Because it’s live and right in front of you. Musicals especially take me right in.

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@anniereborn – When done right. I saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at a theatre and was bummed :(
Win some, lose some, I guess.

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What does exerience mean???

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Exerience: the combined words of exercise, and experience. Commonly attributed to high end equipment which includes scenery and virtual trainer.

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I enjoy stories from any source.
I used to read a lot more, but I have very bad eyesight so strain has reduced my reading a lot. I now lean primarily to movies.
My daughter is a member of a community theater group. I want so much to go see her perform, bit until I can get the surgery I need, that can’t happen.

One of the local PBS stations has a story teller show. They give the speakers a topic, and then they tell a story on stage from that topic. Most of the tellers are very good.
Interpretive dance has to be very good, but when it is, I enjoy that too.
Slaves sang songs which told stories. Many of those songs were guidance to and through the underground railroad. I find them captivating.
As a kid, I used to search our farm for secret hiding spots, hoping to discover it was an underground station. There was a space that could have been used, but eventually I learned the house wasn’t quite as old as I thought. Still, sometimes I would sit in that strange little attic room and daydream about families, and fear, and hope. I could almost smell kitchen flurry to feed hungry people.
Alas, my great grandmother, who was young when her husband built the house, was too bigoted to take part in any such activities. I was stunned the time I heard her say the “J” word.

Can you tell I enjoy my own stories as well as anyone else’s? ;-)

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@Patty_Melt -Did that room have a small window in it?
My grandmother’s house had a small octagonal window in one of the closets to let the light in.
I wonder what they wore when they got dressed at night?? Lol

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I like them read to me by Jack Palance while I’m tucked up in bed with a steaming mug of cocoa.

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@ucme -You stole my dream! One of them, anyway.
Jack Palance was very sexy! I’d definitely scream Shane.
I could barely type that last comment lolol

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@lucillelucillelucille Don’t tell me, another dream is for Robert Shaw to kick away your cane & make sweet, sweet love to you on his “bigger boat” :D

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@ucme -LOL! Love him too!Throw in Howie Long and I’ll believe I landed in heaven,
All that being said, I love my husband dearly even though he won’t sign the permission slip to go on that field trip. XD

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@lucillelucillelucille I know you love him, but no matter how cute he looks in that top hat & believe me, he does :D Quint he ain’t! XD

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@ucme -LOL! I had a small photo of Quint on our boat and people used to ask if it was his dad!

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@lucillelucillelucille Bless, people try to be so nice :D

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@Tri Lucy, no window, and one had to go through two bedrooms to get to the little spring latch hatch to get in there. The rest of the attic was inaccessible so far as anyone knew. I loved the mysterious aura of it.
When my mom first decided to explore the little room, there were stacks of very old newspapers in there, teens and twenties. We read incredible stories in them, and raved about the ads. Wringer washers touted as the magical best friend to women; no more need for washboards!
Live chicken hatchlings, mailed by the dozen.
Fabulous new fabrics just in time for making Easter frocks.

My mom threw them out.

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@Patty_Melt – My mom had photo albums filled with tin types that my dad’s wife threw out after they were married.That made me angry.

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Sitting on a patio style chair on a beach or the banks of a lake full of bass with my buds and a cigar and a glass of decent Scotch or Bourbon listening to those same stories again and again and again.

Or, an audio book.

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@josie -Not a bad way to hear one.
I have an audio book narrated by your buds.I like it a lot.

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Experience a story? Want to experience it live. There was this interesting film in the 80s I think. Debbie Does Dallas?

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