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How much toilet paper do you have?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16359points) 3 days ago

I have 37 two ply rolls. I got a year ago. Will last me two months.

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I would go check but I can’t be arsed!

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Do you eat it???
That’s half a role per day.

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@rebbel I don’t have the exact amount of how it lasts. I’m just know it is enough for one person for awhile. I am grateful that I stocked up months ago, before any pandemic was on the news.
I was practicing prepping and it helped , because SHTF is now. I like the Canadian Prepper YouTube channel, and others.

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I have at least 24 rolls right now. It will last me and my roommate a good while.

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Plenty. Probably 30 rolls.
We were gone when the panic buying took place, but I wasn’t worried. We always keep a lot on hand.

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We just bought some the other day. I think there are 9 rolls. We’re still on the first roll.

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Enough for awhile.

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No way am I telling in public how many rolls I have. Zombies will break in and steal them.

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This question is bog standard!

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One roll in each bra cup. Go big or go home!

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I can’t believe half a roll a day seems like a lot, but I have had bladder surgery so maybe I really do just use a lot of TP!
I have something like 45 big rolls. That was a coincidence, though I actually bought it before all of this started. I was sick of going to the store for the small packs every week, so I saved up to buy toilet paper, dishwasher tablets and laundry soap in bulk last month.

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I have one roll left until payday tomorrow.

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It’s illegal to solicit information about people’s toilet paper during a pandemic. Don’t make me call the Kirkland police.

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I go to Costco, and on two separate outings prior to the big panic, when the panic was just beginning, I picked up two 30 packs. I have used about 6 rolls since then, so I have about 54 rolls now. Two person household, and my daughter uses baby wipes for some occasions, so we should be good for a while.

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We just got a pack of 30 rolls.

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6 rolls plus 3 packs of paper towels. We also have an emergency stash we havent tapped.

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So when we finally have the zombie invasion we’ve all been fearing, is everyone going to the store to by toilet paper before getting weapons?

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I just bought 48 rolls at Costco last night so now almost 100 rolls.

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I have 1 and half rolls of the big Scott brand. I’ll be fine. It lasts me a while. :) I don’t want to overstock like the shopping hoarders lol, even during this time. Stores are getting it again slowly.

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@nightwolf5 I would not be comfortable with that. But in my area it has been VERY hard to find it.

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