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Can you still buy frozen orange juice in your area? Could you a month ago?

Asked by Jeruba (49327points) 2 months ago

(Please mention your area if you’re willing.)

San Jose, California.

I’ve been buying fresh (or “from concentrate”) bottled orange juice for years and have not even looked for those familiar Minute Maid cans we used to keep on hand.

Now, trying to stock up on things that keep for a while, I’ve been unable to find them in the stores and don’t even see where they would be if they were there.

Are they just sold out? or have they become obsolete while I wasn’t looking?

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Last time I looked for FCOJ, about 7 or 8 years ago form my aged mother, it was getting hard to find at the local Safeway. (Walniut Creek CA)

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Great idea. I don’t think I have noticed it in my stores for years, but I haven’t really looked for it. I did go online and look it up for my nearest grocery store and it says it is kept on aisle 8, so I guess it is there.

Possibly, the stores around you have online shopping or online look-up, and you can check around what stores might have it.

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That’s an excellent question. And like you I had completely forgotten about those frozen cans of orange and grape juice that were staples of my youth. But I believe that circumstance (in my case) has more to do with the fact that my youth was in the Midwest & Northeast. In California the idea of frozen juice or fruit is something that would never cross my mind. I’ll check on my next visit to the supermarket.

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I’ve been buying frozen juice regularly for about the past year. I was heading on a weekend cabin trip and saved a lot room in the cooler. I stuck with it because it’s nice to buy 4 or 5 at a time. I don’t get orange but I see lots of it in the freezer case. I get it in Milwaukee at a Kroger-owned store.

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I don’t drink orange juice but I used to like getting frozen Minute Maid lemonaide sometimes in the summer and have trouble finding that in recent years.

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I have never seen frozen orange juice.

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This was in this morning’s news summary from work ( I work for an Exchange),

Grocery-Store Rush Spurs Big Gains in Sleepy Orange-Juice Futures; The coronavirus-fueled run by consumers looking to stock up has reignited the otherwise quiet futures market
Consumers’ rush to buy groceries is fueling a rally in orange-juice prices, making the usually sedate asset the best-performing commodity in the first quarter of 2020.

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There are cans of frozen juice in the freezer at the local supermarket as of 3/31.

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I checked today (4/1). The frozen juice shelves at one store were about ½ empty. They did have orange juice. At a second store (same chain) there were 3 cans of frozen juice total. No orange.

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