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What enneagram personality do I have?

Asked by MaisyS (527points) 1 month ago

I took two enneagram personality tests. The first one classified me as 4w3, the second as a 5w3. I understand that type 4 and 5 very often get confused, so I’m trying to deduce which one I am.
I’m excellent at science, but my passion is art. I tend to express my feelings through writing, poetry, art (specifically painting and calligraphy) and singing. For this I draw on my own life experiences. While my writing tends to be autobiographical, my painting is very abstract, as is a lot of my poetry. I enjoy time alone, but i crave deep relationships. Despite that, I tend to appear a little reserved in a group of people, opening up to only specific people who take the first step to show concern. I tend to be dramatic, but depending on the situation I can also be logical. For instance, when it comes to a project going wrong in school I approach it in a methodical, logical way. But when it comes to relationships I’m all emotion. But even in schoolwork, I have to keep a tight control on my emotions, because they’re always present just under the surface. Very often I have to let my emotions out in order to proceed logically. I’m highly perceptive and sensitive regarding how others feel, being able to easily pick up on shifts in mood, demeanour or tone and recognize what someone is feeling like. I often feel like I’m seperate in a group of people, that I’m different from the vast majority, and if I’m honest, I can at times feel a little superior.
I’d appreciate if anyone could shine a little light on what personality type suits me more.
If there’s anything more you need to know please just mention it. :)

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Also I’m so sorry, the tests i took classified me as a 4w3 and a 5w4. I’m trying to figure out whether 5 or 4 is dominant for me. The wing I’m not concerned about.

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I have little patience with this sort of test. I can take the same test three weeks in a row and although I might major on one end of a spectrum, I’ll still get three different answers. There’s no consistency in that. A lot of people place a lot of weight on the results of such tests. I say it’s humbug.

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It’s fun to do though, that’s undeniable :) but I’d like to know regardless.

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To echo @snowberry, where did you take your test. Personality test is extremely complicated, you just can’t rely on a random test and conclude on your personality type. There is a reason why there is an entire business just for personality testing.

Go asking people around like this is just as futile as doing the tests. We don’t know you and we will be biased when we have to choose.

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Then if it’s fun for you, I suggest you take the same test consistently every couple months or so (long enough that you won’t clearly remember the questions, and try to be honest). Keep track of your scores, and at least you’ll have an idea of your score.

For more fun you could also do the same with this one.

There are others too. Have fun, and keep us posted.

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I don’t know anything about enneagrams, so I looked online for descriptions of the nine types. From what you have told us, I think you are primarily a type 4, a creative thinker. You may have leanings toward type 5 intellectuality, but your strong involvement in the arts would make you a type 4.

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@LostInParadise thank you so much for taking the time to do that :) I’m glad I have your opinion on this.

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