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Are the measures we are taking now going to cause issues down the line?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26263points) 2 months ago

All of this Lysol and hand sanitizer and disinfecting happening on a wide scale right now, is it going to cause issues for us in the near future by increasing the risk of “super bugs?” Has this been brought up? I find it interesting I haven’t heard anything about it.

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It could without a doubt but we for now have to deal with right now and living through this.

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I think the fears about the rise of superbugs are due to the overuse of anti-biotics against bacteria. This is a virus and yes, we are seeing waves of new viral epidemics. I don’t think it is a result of greater sanitation since this will be a relatively short term period and cannot be enforced globally. But i’m no expert and trying to subscribe to the one worry at a time coping mechanism.

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Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not currently worrying about this but I did hesitate to ask the question because I didn’t want to panic anyone who is already panicking by planting this thought.
But, curious because I haven’t heard anything about it at all and that seemed surprising.

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Of course.

The future is not waiting to judge us for the choices we make today. It is merely waiting to be formed by the choices we make today.
Our only basis for choice is what we think is moral/reasonable at the moment we make it.

At this moment there seems to be only two choices.

One- Do nothing, let the virus run it’s course, kill some people, create some immune people, over power a medical treatment bureaucracy which will create social, political and economic stress, and deal with all that in the future. This would be the natural law approach.

It is not unreasonable.

And it would produce a particular future. Not necessarily bad.

Two- Do something. Attempt to confont the virus, and avoid the social, political and economic confusion that the natural law approach tends to do, but create social, political and economic confusion in it’s own fashion.

Post enlightenment, modern, techno-man is not satisfied with giving in to natural law. It seems primitive to us-whether or not it is a valid basis for choice.

So we feel we must do something, because we know we can do something.

And that is not unreasonable.

And it will also produce a particular future. Not necessarily bad.

It has been this way for millennia. And we are still here.

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Who really knows. Hand sanitizer is alcohol. I think of alcohol as killing germs splat like stepping on a bug, rather than an antibiotic that stops it’s replication. I don’t know for sure if that’s good science though.

At home, once everything is sanitized and nothing new is coming in the house, you can just use regular soap like any other time. Stay inside as much as possible. I was home 10 days straight and I felt safe, not worried about catching C19, not worried about items having C19 on them, it was great. Now, I went shopping and I feel like the virus was everywhere for 4 days waiting the next 10 days to see if I get sick. Then my husband had to go out and buy a bicycle part today. Ugh. Start another 14 days.

I wish I had two months of food right now.

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@JLeslie I don’t understand the waiting 14 days. With all the news thrown at us all, I get confused.

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@anniereborn That’s just my own neurosis. Since the virus can take 14 days to start showing symptoms (14 day incubation period) I feel like I am waiting to see if I get sick every time I am near someone or touch something that possibly had the virus. 14 days is really the outside number, most people start showing signs after 4–7 days if they are infected. Anyway, after 14 days I know I don’t have to worry about it anymore. That’s why people have to self quarantine 14 days; it’s to see if they get sick. After 14 days we assume they don’t have the virus.

For the last 30 years if someone sneezed or sniffled around me I felt like I had three days, and then if I didn’t get sick I felt safe. It’s the same thing. Because most colds and flus have incubation periods of 1–3 days. This COVID19 can be a long time and it is annoying.

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I have a friend whose son and husband are currently working out of the home, and my friend is home, anxious and constantly sanitizing everything and becoming overly concerned. I don’t want to say paranoid, but she’s very caught up in her anxiety. I read local group posts on FB, where people talk about the virus being on the surface of groceries and they’re wiping down every surface of everything that comes into the house.

Just my opinion, one can make themselves crazy with fears about the virus being everywhere and needing to clean, sanitize, etc. Be alert, be vigilant, be concerned, but don’t get crazy.

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@jca2 I know people constantly sanitizing everything in their house even when nothing new has come into the house. I don’t get that.

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@jca2 yeah, I am an anxious person so I feel deeply for the people who are consumed with fear right now. I do feel like the importance of the numbers matters a lot. Yes, the numbers are high and will continue to grow and yes the risk of catching the virus is there, but looking out into the world it’s not hard to find the people who are going to get it. Taking basic precautions will protect us so much more than meticulously watching every move we make. I saw a woman casually browsing through clothes with a very new baby on her arm and a bottle in its mouth. And, the truth is, even at the end of the day a lot of those people will luck out and not catch it.

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@ANef_is_Enuf: Today on the news, they were talking about how they’re trying to learn how to identify people that have had it already (which, they say, may be many of us although we don’t know it) and so are immune now, and how those people can go out into the workplace and work and get things started again.

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@jca2 that feels like a critical part of this big ass puzzle.

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I think there are going to be different strains of many different viruses. Those that at one time were minor and easy to combat. But between now and then the one thing that concerns me is when certain types decide to riot. They’ll bring with them the possibility of spreading this virus to countless numbers of people. Lock your doors even during the day folks. They’ll come to take your food, water and yeah your toilet paper. Be prepared. Even those of you who are of a peaceful nature. This is your life and the lives of your family I’m talking about.

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