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How did they film the rabid dog scene in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8060points) 1 month ago

In the absence of CGI, how did they make the dog’s instant death so convincing?
I did Google it but Google hasn’t been very friendly lately. All I could find was people speculating.
Do you happen to know?

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Maybe they trained the dog to follow orders off-screen?

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Just saw the scene in YT. They used a string to pull on the dog’s leg.

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Have you seen the scene? Something else was involved. Snag wires or something…

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And how did they get him to run down the street all humped and contorted?

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Watched it several times and the more it looked like there was no contortion and could have been the dog’s natural gait.

But adding some growl sound effects to that three second(?) shot of the dog and it would be pretty convincing the dog was indeed “rabid.” The dog could have just been awakened from his afternoon nap for all we know. : )

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I hear you. I need to look at YouTube clips. If jumping down the road with a humped spine, biting at his legs is a normal gait….I need to look again.

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Could be a dog with a disability which accounted for the jumping. Or a happy dog being summoned by its owner off camera.

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Thank you @mazingerz88. When I see the video with these questions in mind I see it differently.
I think one of the things they did was put pepper on his nose!
And yes. Now I can see that they tied something to one or both of his back legs and just pulled them out from under him. And the scene is really brief so you don’t see him try to get back up.

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