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I am in market for a used road bike...

Asked by iomar (26points) August 1st, 2007 from iPhone

For years I have been mountain biking just recently I went 50 mile road ride with a group of friend on my mountain bike. Now I think I might do this again and next time I like to have a road bike to do it. I guess I like to know if any one here are selling a decent road bike to start with if not where can I shop for one?

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You should be able to find one on craigslist.

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Craigslist and eBay are good resources. You can find good deals, although there's lots of crap as well.

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go to a store and try a few bikes to figure out which brands, material types, components are comfortable to you. also try to get a good idea about your size and this will vary from brand to brand too. if you realize you love a certain brand, and have an approximate size, check ebay and craigslist. and if you can't find one online, go for new! and i dont know where you live, but i say buy a really good lock and cable!

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Thanks, guys! For some reason I always felt like it is not nice to try the bikes. I thought when I see one I like I should just buy it and than I can try it. Anyway, I guess since I we'll be paying so much for it there should not be a problem for them to let me ride it yo try it.

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Bicycling magazine usually come out with buyer’s guides each year. I’ve found that doing research in the magazines before I go to the store helps me narrow down the choices. Here’s a link to the 2007 bike search page for road bikes

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