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How long do you think it will take Hollywood to make a movie about this Covid19 pandemic?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18570points) 2 months ago

This thing is going down in the history books.
Just wondering about a movie as well?

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Somebody probably started on a screenplay six weeks ago.

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But nobody in Hollywood studios l They’re shutdown until further notice.

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Probably several are being written. One centering around the politics, and the whole time line. Another focusing on what is happening taking care of patients. Both will have some crossover.

Maybe even a mini series, then you can capture all of the angles. Maybe spend some time on what happened in China and Europe as it all developed..

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And at some point the fictionalized dramas will be the history in people’s minds.

Folks who lived through this will never be able to convey to younger people what it was really like, how it sneaked up on us, how long it took us to get serious about it, why we didn’t know at the beginning what we will have understood by the end. And how people who did get it weren’t heard soon enough.

So hard to see in hindsight what it was like without foresight.

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Love In The Time Of Covid.

Probably about a couple who hook up, and spend the quarantine together.

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Not long.
I know there were some about the Spanish Flu.

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@filmfann Or how about a couple on a cruise that got through the quarantine by sewing and ended up even closer after all was said and done?

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