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How often do you go out for supplies?

Asked by anniereborn (13225points) 3 months ago

For those of you “sheltering in place” (not going out for any other reason than buying essentials). How often do you go?

I have been doing it about twice a week for groceries/medication.

I’d like to try and get that down to one if I can.

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I try to go every 2 weeks, give or take, pretty much before I have a need for something.

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About once every 10 days. Although, this past week it was twice, because I needed to pick up medication if you want to include that. My husband also went to buy a bike part, which I really would have preferred he didn’t do. When I was alone it was easier to just stay home 2–3 weeks straight. We loaded up at the market this time, so hopefully good for 2 weeks, except I will need more medication again, which I will drive through to get, or maybe get mail-order. I’m thinking of ordering food delivery once in a while.

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I haven’t yet. I did a big Costco shopping before all of this, I haven’t needed to replenish any supplies yet. So, three weeks in.

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I’m interested in this discussion since I work in grocery. I shop once my shift is over.

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I went when I first started working from home, and then a week later (this past Friday), so I guess once a week is accurate.

I got an email today that new Costco hours will be that it closes at 6:30 on weeknights. It used to stay open until 8:30 on weeknights.

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I’m impressed with the different answers.

I would probably shop less often if I could find the needed things. I mean I have enough TP and cat food now, which other than medications are high on the list. However, there are needed over the counter meds and cleaning needs and other basic supplies I didn’t buy before the rush.

It’s hard to play catch up. I end up going to more than one store each day “out”

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I went out once after one week and last week I went to CVS once and the supermarket briefly once, Going into stores is the activity that scares me the most because of other people who might be sick. I am walking daily unless it is pouring but if with a friend, we stay at a distance.. I tried to order online but couldn’t get any delivery date or time.

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I’ve been to the grocery store twice since this began. The first time was the very first week after the greedy emptied the shelves. Once my favorite store restocked I went in to pick up needed items. Then I started watching the trends in where the virus was going. I decided I’d probably be safer early on before we had a ton of cases, so the next week I went back to the store to replenish what I have used plus pick up a few extra items. Now, between the staples that I’ve recently purchased and what’s in my freezer, I should be able to go for a full month. Admittedly toward the end of that time our meals might not be as creative as they are now, but we won’t be going hungry. I had considered going one more time at the beginning of the upcoming week but the cases seem to now be snowballing so I’m rethinking my plan. If it’s true that the worst should be past us in the next 2 weeks, we will be just fine. If that’s more smoke and mirrors, I may have to work on my creativity. I’ve gotten fairly creative with my leftovers. My family doesn’t care much for leftovers, so I’m freezing them and waiting a while before pulling them back out to reheat. As long as they don’t see what I’m doing, they don’t realize what I have done

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One big shop for a lot of items, and a couple days later, a smaller visit for fresh stuff.

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My husband went over 2 weeks ago.

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Once a week, usually Saturday. In other words, no different than before all this started. The main difference is I’m not going to out to eat anymore (which does leave more money for my weekly shopping trips).

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I no longer drive so I go about once every 2 weeks. I pay a friend to drive me in my car.

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Usually only when I run out of milk. Twice a week pre/Covid19 and now I haven’t decided. Depends on what fits in my backpack and duffel bag.

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Once a week but I’m careful. Mostly produce and dairy.

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I am the outlier here. I go just about every day to get fresh meat and vegetables, and also a fresh baguette or two.

I go to a local market that limits the number of people in the store and I trust to keep things clean.

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So far every two weeks. We’ll be ok for a couple of months if need be but fresh vegetables are nice when you can get them.

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For right now, when absolutely needed, and that’s about it. I’ll need grocery on Friday or the weekend. I enjoy going out, but waiting for things to get back to the normal.

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Started off twice every week.
Trying to get it to down to once a week.

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I just did Walmart pick up for the first time today. I loved it! And so great for the times we are living in. I can easily go down to once a week with that as my mainstay.

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Hi, I go every 2 to 3 weeks, when quarantine began, I started buying lot’s of supply’s and canned goods just in case, I went a little overboard but I don’t regret it, especially in a moment like this the more you have stacked up ( groceries, hygiene) the better.

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@Plentylove09 Yes but you can only stock up certain things for a short while. Things such as dairy and produce. That is where I am having the most problem. I can’t buy 3 weeks of lettuce and expect it to last.

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@anniereborn ahh, yeah perishable foods that expire quickly, yes this a problem, I had some things gone bad as well, it’s difficult, since this is what we eat daily.

Yes with this you need to go at least every week in a half at least.

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