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Have you ever lost a friend because of differing opinions?

Asked by Demosthenes (9353points) 2 months ago

I.e. a friendship was broken because of an irreconcilable difference of opinion on politics, religion, whatever it may be. Can be online or in real life.

I can’t think of a time it’s happened to me. I certainly don’t agree with my friends on everything, but no disagreement so fundamental that we can’t still get along.

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A fraternity brother I was good friends with became a racist right winger after fifteen years living in Orange County..

I had to defriend him on Facebook after we got into an online argument about the murder of Trayvon Martin, and he said Martin deserved to die because he was “a thug”.

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Yes. There have been a couple in the last few years whom I discovered have espoused ideals that were so repugnant to me I could not overlook them. Things that were well hidden, like racism and misogyny, expressed freely now that the current administration is in place.
This includes family members.

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“no disagreement so fundamental that we can’t still get along”-Exactly.
My husband’s my best friend & we do think a lot alike. We’ve got each other’s back no matter what.<3
My other long term friendships have lasted because of a mutual respect we have for each other.
All that aside, I love these people.

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Yes, of course, several times. I can’t imagine not arguing with my friends about something deep, and sometimes it goes sideways.

Usually we can get over it, but like the one time a hetero friend mocked my trans friend at MY event (pre op at the time but so what.) I don’t tolerate that kind of thing from anyone.

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Yes, about 3½ years ago, when he went whole hog into Trump and started talking non-stop about how Trump would solve all the world’s problems.

The strange thing is that he was a friend for years, normal, shared values, had nice conversations, got along as buddies just fine. It’s like he was infect with Trumpitis and his whole personality changed.

I saw him at Home Depot maybe a month ago – we nodded, but really didn’t have anything to talk about.

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Not that I know of.

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Yes. My best friend of 40 years when she wouldn’t accept my son for who he is.

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I had an issue with my friends drug use and druggy friends. He made me choose on the spot and I did.

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The effect trump had on some people is the damndest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like something took hold of their soul, something possessed them, and their entire personalities changed. Where they used to disagree with me, they could do it civilly. But after trump got elected they turned into violent, viscous, name calling wild animals.

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Yes. A guy I knew for several years had a girl who wanted to break up with him. She told him some story about me that wasn’t true, and he was so desperate to not lose her, he believed her and not me.

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So he lost both of you @kritiper. :(

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One criticised my new leather jacket, no going back from that, uh huh!

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