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With all this (coronavirus shut-in) time on my hands I finally finished _____?

Asked by dabbler (17673points) 2 months ago

<= fill in the blank!
If your answer is “the whole bag” or “bingeing” please add specific details for us to enjoy.

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Nothing yet. Working on organizing clothes and then intend to scrape the ceiling in the dining room and paint the whole dining room.

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I finally started doing yoga.

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I am also working on organizing clothes in my room and today, I’m cleaning out the refrigerator, which involves taking each shelf out and washing it and reorganizing everything.

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I intend to get back to this question and be able to have a great answer. I hope I’ll be able to do that….within this year!

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Nothing. I have a list to do though.

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Organizing all the books on my bookshelf by colors in the spectrum.

Handy for when I know that the book I want has a red cover.

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Cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and parts of two desk drawers.

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I decided I’m going to focus on one task a day. Today it was the refrigerator. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start scraping the ceiling in the dining room.

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I started some commission work that I didn’t want to go near.

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My nude sculpture of the wife…it genuinely is a magnificent bust!

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3 new drawings, the main plot point of my new project, and the hardest level of a video game.

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