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What would you say to talk sense into the townspeople if you were placed in the Salem witch trials?

Asked by j65472 (4points) 2 months ago from iPhone
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Just throw a pail of water on the suspected witch. If she melts, she was a witch.

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I’d sing and the crowd would run off.

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A people conducting witch trials have already forsworn sense or reason. There is nothing you can say or do to convince such people otherwise.

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Who among you can judge a difference between witch, and angel heaven sent to test us?

Can you be so certain, you will risk angering God with human judgement of His charges?

How will you justify your actions when our Lord waits explanation for actions against His charges?

I pity you, for you will face His wrath. I declare myself apart from these activities against those I am not intended to harass.
May God see into your hearts, and deal with you as you deserve.

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Just strap on some angel wings and start killing them all.
Tell my last victim that this was “divine judgement”.

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