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Who thinks M.I.A is awsome why do people hate her so?

Asked by jdogg (871points) September 1st, 2008

She’s hot, paper planes is awsome and she has a british accent! Here is the article I found that I didn’t understand. It says that she supports terrorism. This doesn’t seem right.

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I really like MIA. Paper Planes and Boys are my 2 favorite songs by her so far. Her beats are catchy and unique. I haven’t heard most of her songs yet though. As for some of the hate as shown in the link you gave, I am not really concerned by it. Like she said, people say stuff like that to get their 15 secs of fame all the time.

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I don’t really see much evidence to support the base assumption of your question. People don’t hate M.I.A. Some people will take advantage of a controversial figure like her in order to pontificate about right wing anti-terrorism, but that doesn’t mean people “hate her so.”

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M.I.A. is a great artist, I started listening to her about a year ago with Paper Planes. Another one of my favorite M.I.A. songs is Mango Pickle Down River..I’m not sure how newsworthy of a source is, I’d take the story with a grain of salt.


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thanks ive just hered on youtube people saying all of this and how shes a bad person but think thats stupid too assume such a thing.

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M.I.A only does what she thinks black americans do in the ghetto, she actually exploits hiphop. Its fake. Hiphop cannot take another Fergie, please!!!!!!

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