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What's the most weight you've ever lost after defecating or urinating?

Asked by jcs007 (1773points) September 1st, 2008

After people have done their business in the bathroom, I sometimes hear them say “Man, I just lost a lot of weight in there.” Then I got to thinking, how much do you actually lose?

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Well you could weigh yourself first, and then after you have done your business – you could weigh yourself again. I guess it just all depends on the person and how much you went.

Or You could buy a feces scale… You can go to this website and see a picture of it…it states…
From the bowels of the patents database comes patent number 1493222 – the feces scale.

It’s the ultimate scale for the most weight obsessed person.

Richard O’Neills patent – signed 29th March 1922 allows waste to be weighed. It is an attachment that fits into the toilet bowl and accurately weighs your outgoings.

After noting the weight, a simple depression allows the waste to be flushed away forever, and you can walk away 8.23 ounces lighter.

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40lbs. of piss

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Just when I thought I’d seen and heard everything….

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ha, i actually wondered the same thing so for awhile i would weigh myself before and after. kind of tough on a scale. but 8.2 ounces sounds about average. the most i ever saw was a 1 pound variance, but again its a tough call on a scale.

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Twice I lost 30-plus pounds, but I gained two little babies.

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Gail! Read the question!! Don’t talk about your babies like that!!!!

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Susan: you are probably much too young to remember the pre-delivery required enema, back in the day. (Plus the shaving; that shaved off an ounce, probably.)

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257 pounds. I ate one heck of a big meal the day before!

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@ gail, I had the aforementioned enema, but I only lost 12 pounds.

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when did those obligatory and horrible enemas disappear, anyway?

Scamp. I had big babies..

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Mine was 6 lbs 11 oz. She was born in 1984. The enema wasn’t mandatory. it was meant to ‘speed things up” because the midwife I wanted to deliver her was going off duty soon. It helped, but she missed the birth by 20 minutes.But at least she was there for most of my labor.

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I can’t tell you the most weight I’ve ever lost, but I can tell you the most weight that I’ve actually recorded. (Hey, boredom and curiosity is an amusing combination.) Urinating, about one and a half pounds. Defecating, two to two and a half. (And just if you’re curious…my average is half a pound for urinating and one pound for defecating.) Geez. Can’t believe 1) that I know that and 2) that I just told you. Hahahaahaha….

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We had a biggest loser contest at work and I’d try to go to the bathroom before the weigh in. Never made a difference, I’d weigh the exact same pre- and post-dumpage. Maybe I don’t poop enough.

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