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Do you think the following quote describes accurately a more realistic and/or harder to fool lie detector test than the standard one?

Asked by luigirovatti (1715points) 1 month ago

Describes a TV series. Quoted almost word for word:
”‘Alias’ features a more realistic lie detector—that is to say one that doesn’t explicitly say “Truth” or “Lie”, but just provides raw data such as heart rate and blood flow in particular areas of the brain, requiring the interrogator to use his own judgment to decide on the truth of a given statement, and being much harder to fool. Then, outright subverted, when the difficulty of tricking the device almost gives away the protagonist, when after extensive training and practice with her handler her results look too perfectly honest during the real interrogation.”

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I don’t have a clue one way or another about the series or lie detectors, methods of employing them nor procedures for interpreting the data generated.

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From what I have seen and heard about lie detectors is it depends a great deal on the questions asked, and if the questions are meant to be lied about or not. This procedure calibrates the machine to the point, I believe, the machine becomes foolproof.

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The description of the supposedly superior lie detector matches that of an actual polygraph

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