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Does S.C.U.B.A. gear work against the Covid19?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16739points) 1 month ago

Also for how long can the air last. Also how heavy is it?
Also can one use a space suit?
Humor welcome.

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Only if the tanks were loaded in a COVID-19 free area.

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Have you seen movies like Outbreak or Andromeda strain where they wear “space suits” to work with deadly viruses?

Get out your credit card!

Honeywell Industrial Safety Products – “Ventilated and reusable pressurised protective suit for being used in Bio Safety Level 4 (deathly viruses) laboratories worldwide. Designed for multiple use in BSL4 laboratory.”

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I worked on a sealed, positive pressure, escape hood that stowed in a suit coat pocket. It was also flame resistant. However, it was only good for a total time of 30 minutes – the duration of the mission.

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The mask would protect your eyes and nose but not your mouth.

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@kritiper Good point re. SCUBA masks.. Our escape hood covered the entire head and sealed around the neck with a rubber collar. It was quite confining and frightening if you are claustrophobic even though you could see >270 degrees through the orange film.
It was expensive and single use.

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