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Do you think C19 will be the catalyst that will bring universal health care to America?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8066points) 1 month ago

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Only if it almost kills Trump. Preferably if he catches it from groping someone.

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It would be nice if one good thing came out of it,

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I hope you’re right, but probably not if Trump or Biden are president.

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We’re sort of sneaking closer and closer with the way non-insured people are being covered now.

But I think that the right wing is biding its time and when the immediate crisis is over, begin their hateful “let them suffer” politics once again.

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It should be but Biden is being pushed on us and he is against it. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll budge now that more people are on board.

It’s still not too late to vote for Bernie. Just saying. Half of our country still needs to vote.

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I have no idea.

You would think the people would behind it after something like this. This virus will attack Republicans as much as Democrats. I honestly can’t fathom people suffering with this thing in hospitals having to pay a hospital bill for what they went through. if they live. If they die, they don’t owe anything I guess, or does their estate owe it? If they were on Medicare I guess Medicare pays.

I did hear of one young man dying on the way to the ER, because his doctor or urgent care wouldn’t see him, because he had no insurance. It didn’t make much sense to me, the article blamed it on the man not having health insurance so the first health facility wouldn’t help him. It sounds like maybe he was too critical for that facility anyway. For the most part, I can’t imagine anyone is going to be refused care based on money or insurance status in this situation. This means Republicans might see the system as working ok.

Trump keeps leaving it up to the states primarily, and his followers will see that as just fine, I think they won’t want to centralize healthcare.

I really hope at least this gets the US cracking down on price gouging in healthcare.

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I stopped getting my hopes up many elections ago. But please feel free to exceed my expectations.

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I guess I am disappointed in Biden’s stance against universal health care. Very disappointed.
But if he’s the only option I have against trump he will have my vote.

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Biden isn’t against universal health care, but has been against Medicare for all. Yes that is disappointing.

But I guarantee he would sign it if Congress passed it. And I guarantee a Republicans will fight against it regardless of anything.

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Pretty sure “Medicare for all” IS the U.S. version of universal health care.

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There are 2 characteristics of the current epidemic that will probably force the issue. The first is the general recognition that these things will be more frequent in the future. But it is the second fact that will clench the matter. Put bluntly, when it comes to epidemics, it will not be the uninsured alone who will succumb. The virus merely accentuates what all of us already know but are systematically encouraged to ignore: all of us pay for those of us without healthcare.

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Although it shouldn’t be ignored that a healthy/insured overall citizenship, would survive most epidemics better, it will be…

Profit, outweighs lives… This was clear, before the CV-19…

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Pretty sure “Medicare for all” IS the U.S. version of universal health care

Nope. There are other paths to universal coverage, France does not have a single universal health care plan. Germany does not.

In theory, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) could have been almost universal. Everyone would have either private insurance or cheap/free marketplace coverage.

But Republicans whittled the bill down as much as possible to make it suck. And sadly the Democrats treated them as good faith negotiators.

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Sandy Hook.. I can still buy an AR-15.

Once it is over it will be forgotten. Nothing will change except some dead people.

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Probably not. The federal government has not shown good control of the resources they have. For example, they pulled a bunch of ventilators out of storage for use and found parts were rotted and they hadn’t been maintained. Imagine if they had total control of all healthcare. They would bring this same quality to every aspect.

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Not sure why folks think that universal health care would magically solve this crisis. There are plenty of countries right now who prove otherwise.

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The people in your head who say it would magically solve the crisis are so wrong!

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Maybe it’s more about the aftermath for individuals, once the crisis is survived.
As in debt.

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Everything hinges on a couple of things:
1. How long everything remains shut down
2. Will it come back in the Fall.

The potential for economic destruction is unparalleled if this does not resolve soon and I don’t think that it will. This public health crisis is underlining and printing in 20 foot tall bold letters that a uniform healthcare system is what works best during times like this. You are going to see more and more people demand it and I think we’ll get it out of necessity.

Depending just how far the economic crisis that is unfolding cuts into the meat of this country I think we’ll potentially see calls for some form of UBI as well. The service industry will never be the same again. That was a huge portion of the economy.

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The people in your head who say it would magically solve the crisis are so wrong!” Typical Fluther. Taking a simple question to left field. Hell, to the parking lot.

I didn’t suggest it would magically solve the crisis. But there are people out there who need to go to the hospital, or even just the doctor, but won’t because they can’t afford it. And that goes on and on in their lives, pandemic or not. I think this crisis really underscores that.

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Will it come back in the Fall.

It will come back. The virus will be a big danger until there is widespread immunity from getting sick and (let’s hope!) vaccines, Even after that, it will be probably be with us like the flu.

The Hill – April 5, 2020 - “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it is likely the coronavirus will become a seasonal occurrence.

“The infectious diseases expert told CBS’s “Face The Nation” that it’s likely the virus “will assume a seasonal nature” because it is unlikely to be contained around the world this year.

“Unless we get this globally under control there is a very good chance that it’ll assume a seasonal nature,” he said.

“We need to be prepared that since it will be unlikely to be completely eradicated from the planet that as we get into next season we may see the beginning of a resurgence,” he added.

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I guess I don’t see a huge difference in universal health care, and the US military.

Think about it.

Universal health care, would help protect all American people.

The US military, helps protect all American people.

The difference between the current health care system, and the current use of the US military, is that you don’t have to have health insurance, for the military to help you. You don’t even have to show proof that you pay taxes.

If a US citizen’s life is in jeopardy, the military will try to help them. No questions asked…
A citizen doesn’t have to have military insurance, to be a reason for military action.

The US military, even helps (or tries,) citizens of other countries. Medical supplies, food, and other types of aid, are given to many other countries…

But. When it comes down to it, the US, will only give universal help, in situations where there is military involvement.

But… If the enemy is health related, our citizens are largely on their own.

The same government, that would wage war, or defend all of it’s citizens in a military issue, will not help a citizen with health issues, unless the individuals who are afflicted, have health insurance.
Yes. Emergency rooms, must stabilize a patient, regardless of insurance status. But. Those citizens, will be handed a bill…

I fail to see a difference in charging citizens for different types of enemies.

Same goes for fire departments, law enforcement, Coast Guard, etc. Although their salaries/expenditures, come from tax dollars (just like the military, ) those first responders, will act. Even if the people being saved, don’t have insurance, or pay taxes…

What is the *REAL difference?*

Malnutrition, basic health care, disabilities, mental health issues, etc, are all treated differently. But. Those issues, are just as harmful to US citizens, as any military threat…

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