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Fluther contact function down?

Asked by Jeruba (49340points) 2 months ago


An hour or so ago, I tried to flag a new spam profile. Received error message (“Oh, no, we did something wrong”).

Retried 2 or 3 times in case I’d collided with an in-progress status change, but result was the same.

Also got error message on several tries at contacting mods directly.

Followed instruction to copy and paste my message and send by e-mail to ‘feedback at.’ My message bounced for being tagged as spam.

I’m assuming the fluthergods know something is wrong, so this is just a fyi bug report.

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[Mod says] Thanks! We’ve let Ben know. If you need to reach a mod, PMs might work best for the time being.

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It now works for me.

Much grass, @Jeruba & @longgone.

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