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Is Brexit at risk if Boris Johnson succumbs?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30581points) April 5th, 2020

Johnson was taken to the hospital with COVID-19 issues.

Suppose the worst happens. As I understand British government, the Conservative Party would nominate a new prime minister who, if elected by his party, would serve.

But Labor (and other parties) could have a vote of No Confidence and bring down the government (again), in which case there would be full blown elections again.

So hypothetically, if Johnson isn’t there, could this series of events reopen the entire Brexit question?

(Yes, I know that Johnson signed the document a few months ago, but nothing serious goes into effect until the end of the year, and I doubt there’s much negotiating taking place these days.)

Could COVID-19 bring down the British government and reopen Brexit?

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In short, no!
Boris only went into hospital as a precaution & although he still runs a high temperature after eleven days of being infected, he’s expected to recover fully.
Even if the bloke kicks the bucket, no vote of confidence motion would be forthcoming, no opposition party in the world would dare given the crazy times we’re currently living in.
Brexit is done & dusted…believe me!

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Very doubtful.

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:::Breaking News::: Johnson’s condition has worsened & he has been moved to ICU with what is described as “persistent symptoms”
This is not the time to play politics & I personally wish Boris all the best & hope he makes a full recovery.

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About this…. Looks like we might find out.

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Thoughts and prayers.

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