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Are hayrides for Fall only?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) April 5th, 2020

This question is posted amid the Corona Virus pandemic, so I am not currently planning a social event,

Spring picnics seem idyllic and I have planned and attended a few. I’ve been on hayrides in the advent of Christmas but most have been in the fall. I’ve had friends tell me that barn dances, horseback riding are acceptable but hayrides are a Fall activity, and out of season past Christmas until at least late summer (Serotinal ;ca.15 August–15 September until Christmas)

What’s your take?

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Isn’t hay itself a product of the fall?

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Since hay is harvested in the fall, it is a fall activity. Spring is more celebrated with bike rides and outdoor dancing. How about a party bike

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It’s more of a fall thing and product yeah, but I’ll say as long as you’ve got yourself some hay and it’s not raining. Go for it. :)

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Fall around here.
The last time I went on one I left early and on the dark walk back, ended up in a corral with a bunch of draft horses. XD

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Hay is generally a summer and fall product, depending on how many cuttings can be had. Around here, it’s about three.
Most hay rides I’ve witnessed used straw, not hay. But the effect is the same.
And some hay rides take place in the first three weeks of December. But rides can be had at any time.

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I agree with @kritiper, summer and fall are the normal times for a hay ride where I live, and straw is more often used. One reason for that might be that hay is now often made into large round bales, rather than rectangles. I think that we more have more of them in the fall, but summer is good too.

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