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Are food handlers required to use hand sanitizer?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16789points) 1 month ago

In 2003, it was optional at a place I worked at. People where scared to use it. Is it required now?

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No, because it is more effective to wash one’s hands properly, and then use gloves.

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Went to Burger King two weeks ago when things went to “Drive-thru” or delivery !

Both the people; the one that handled the money and the food in the bag, stopped and used a hand sanitizers before they interacted with me.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok. Excellent. Thanks.

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I work in a deli. We are always required to wear gloves.

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Too late for me to edit but I wanted to add something. Since the virus came along I set the customers food on the counter. I used to hand it to them over the counter. Yesterday a customer grabbed their item from my hand and their hand touched my gloved hand. I immediately changed gloves.

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I think they use gloves.

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