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Is Trump killing his own supporters? Will any be left to vote for him?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28020points) 1 month ago

Interesting article from The Guardian

The very people who make up his core voters are dying.

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His opponents are dying too.

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I’ve wondered that a bit about the Evangelicals attending mass church gatherings and the states in general who are late to the “stay at home” restrictions but as @zenvelo says, a number of Dems in those states may be affected as well.

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But his supporters are not following CDC guidelines because he doesn’t and will kill one another with COVID-19 (Democratic Hoax) before we get to September !!

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But his supporters are not following CDC guidelines because he doesn’t

Sadly they will doom lots of good people with their ignorance.

All we can do is enjoy some schadenfreude when they suffer from their own actions.

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Schadenfreude is slight compensation for the threat such stupidity poses to the rest of us, as well as those in such regions who hunkered down in advance of local directives.

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Most Trump supporters I know are following advice to distance and stay inside, but there definitely are some very defiant people among his groupies. Actually, I think it’s more a function of Fox News than Trump.

I guess if swing states have large clusters of cases and deaths it could actually make a difference one way or the other. Florida, Michigan, Ohio.

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trump fanatics and non-supporters alike should do what needs to be done not to get infected, no matter what trump does. I don’t think it’s worth endangering one’s life and the life of loved ones by continuing to listen or support a pathetic reality TV show host.


From a NYT opinion columnist, Jennifer Senior.


Since the early days of the Trump administration, an impassioned group of mental health professionals have warned the public about the president’s cramped and disordered mind, a darkened attic of fluttering bats.

Their assessments have been controversial. The American Psychiatric Association’s code of ethics expressly forbids its members from diagnosing a public figure from afar.

Enough is enough. As I’ve argued before, an in-person analysis of Donald J. Trump would not reveal any hidden depths — his internal sonar could barely fathom the bottom of a sink — and these are exceptional, urgent times.

Back in October, George T. Conway III, the conservative lawyer and husband of Kellyanne, wrote a long, devastating essay for The Atlantic, noting that Trump has all the hallmarks of narcissistic personality disorder.

That disorder was dangerous enough during times of prosperity, jeopardizing the moral and institutional foundations of our country.

But now we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. The president’s pathology is endangering not just institutions, but lives.

Let’s start with the basics. First: Narcissistic personalities like Trump harbor skyscraping delusions about their own capabilities. They exaggerate their accomplishments, focus obsessively on projecting power, and wish desperately to win.

What that means, during this pandemic: Trump says we’ve got plenty of tests available, when we don’t. He declares that Google is building a comprehensive drive-thru testing website, when it isn’t.

He sends a Navy hospital ship to New York and it proves little more than an excuse for a campaign commercial, arriving and sitting almost empty in the Hudson. A New York hospital executive calls it a joke.

Second: The grandiosity of narcissist personalities belies an extreme fragility, their egos as delicate as foam. They live in terror of being upstaged. They’re too thin skinned to be told they’re wrong.

What that means, during this pandemic: Narcissistic leaders never have, as Trump likes to say, the best people. They have galleries of sycophants. With the exceptions of Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, Trump has surrounded himself with a Z-team of dangerously inexperienced toadies and flunkies — the bargain-bin rejects from Filene’s Basement — at a time when we require the brightest and most imaginative minds in the country.

Faced with a historic public health crisis, Trump could have assembled a first-rate company of disaster preparedness experts. Instead he gave the job to his son-in-law, a man-child of breathtaking vapidity.

Faced with a historic economic crisis, Trump could have assembled a team of Nobel-prize winning economists or previous treasury secretaries. Instead he talks to Larry Kudlow, a former CNBC host.

Meanwhile, Fauci and Birx measure every word they say like old-time apothecaries, hoping not to humiliate the narcissist — never humiliate a narcissist — while discreetly correcting his false hopes and falsehoods.

They are desperately attempting to create a safe space for our president, when the president should be creating a safer nation for all of us.

Third: Narcissistic personalities love nothing more than engineering conflict and sowing division. It destabilizes everyone, keeps them in control.

What that means, during this pandemic: Trump is pitting state against state for precious resources, rather than coordinating a national response. (“It’s like being on eBay,” complained Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York last week.)

His White House is a petty palace of competing power centers. He picks fights with Democratic officials and members of the press, when all the public craves is comfort.

Narcissistic personalities don’t do comfort. They cannot fathom the needs of other hearts.

Fourth: Narcissistic personalities are vindictive. On a clear day, you can see their grudges forever.

What that means, during this pandemic: Trump is playing favorites with governors who praise him and punishing those who fail to give him the respect he believes he deserves. “If they don’t treat you right, don’t call,” he told Vice President Mike Pence.

His grudge match with New York is now especially lethal. When asked on Friday whether New York will have enough ventilators, Trump bluntly answered “No,” and then blamed the state.

And most relevant, as far as history is concerned: Narcissistic personalities are weak.

What that means, during this pandemic: Trump is genuinely afraid to lead. He can’t bring himself to make robust use of the Defense Production Act, because the buck would stop with him. (To this day, he insists states should be acquiring their own ventilators.)

When asked about delays in testing, he said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” During Friday’s news conference, he added the tests “we inherited were “broken, were obsolete,” when this form of coronavirus didn’t even exist under his predecessor.

This sounds an awful lot like one of the three sentences that Homer Simpson swears will get you through life: “It was like that when I got here.”

Most people, even the most hotheaded and difficult ones, have enough space in their souls to set aside their anger in times of crisis. Think of Rudolph Giuliani during Sept. 11. Think of Andrew Cuomo now.

But every aspect of Trump’s crisis management has been annexed by his psychopathology. As Americans die, he boasts about his television ratings. As Americans die, he crows that he’s No. 1 on Facebook, which isn’t close to true.

But it is true that all eyes are on him. He’s got a captive audience, an attention-addict’s dream come to life. It’s just that he, like all narcissistic personalities, has no clue how disgracefully — how shamefully, how deplorably — he’ll be enshrined in memory.

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I’m Facebook friends with some parents I knew back in rural Illinois who support Trump. They’ve been very slow to take this seriously.

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It depends who he’s running against. There’s a good chance that Biden won’t even remember that he’s running for office by November…

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Unless anyone can provide statistics on the dead by political parties, any answers are pure speculation.

That being said, most here are taking it seriously except the conspiracy-anti govt folks. They are not Trump voters in general.

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I don’t think the virus gives a shit which party someone is behind. I don’t know a single person not taking this seriously either.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Depends how you define seriously. I have one friend who thinks this is a conspiracy to control the world and it’s people, and we should not let fear allow this to happen. Several days ago she posted on facebook her aunt and uncle died, she said that, :they said it was from COVID.” So, I guess she isn’t sure whether to believe it, and she followed by saying that it was their time. I don’t know if it was confirmed COVID or not.

I have another friend who keeps posting things supporting the idea that “mainstream” media is catastrophizing and purposely scaring the public, and she showed a video of the temporary hospitals in NYC empty and ambulance driver not doing much. I explained to her a lot of doctors aren’t doing much now, because all elective procedures have been canceled, and doctors can’t crowd patients into their offices right now. They waiting for the time when they might be called to help COVID patients, and in NYC already other specialties are working in ICUs.

Plus, up until a few days ago we still had neighbors and far away neighbors to congregating in groups and playing Pickle Ball doubles (everyone touching the ball). Some groups are just foursomes, but I have seen 15–20 people near each other watching golf or pickle ball games.

However, I should say most people are taking it seriously.

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We’ve had two Op Eds written by evangelical Conservatives in our local newspaper about the overreaching power of government. Power to block church services, they don’t understand “social distancing” !

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I would say the majority of the Trump supporters I know are not very concerned about this or are more concerned about the economic impact. In some ways, the way we encourage and consume sensational media has fueled this kind of thing by “crying wolf” over every significant event which seems to have desensitized a lot of people. I hate to know that anyone is dying unnecessarily no matter who they vote for, but it does feel like this would disproportionately affect Trump voters (which I had said in a previous thread I believe shows that he sincerely believes the threat is blown out of proportion or he wouldn’t be shooting himself in the foot like this.)

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I am seeing division by age, not politics. Teens and young adults, as pointed out by Dr Fauci are feeling strong and healthy, and don’t want to be“bossed around” by elders.

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One community that the virus is hitting hard is the black community. This is happening in Milwaukee and Chicago, among other places. This has nothing to do with Trump but it is interesting.

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@Jonsblond the comment made on my local TV station was a lack of medical care.

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^That’s what I assumed. :(

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I live in liberal hippie wonderland in Oregon (I live in the burbs’ too) and went to Safeway with my sister to get beer at 9AM this morning. We then used chainsaws to cut down some trees in our yard. While pretty drunk and listening to Operation Ivy. It was lot of fun.

But in Safeway I would say a good 50% of the customers were wearing masks. And there were people in green vests with “sanitation staff” walking around cleaning the floors and wiping stuff down like the carts and baskets. And all the cashiers had masks and gloves.

A billion Trump lies over the years and these filthy liberals learned to do the opposite. That is why we can send spare ventilators to New York.

The pizza is shit in NYC (i’m talking 99 cent cheese slices) but the people are lovely in their own weird (annoyingly busy/self-important) way.

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