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Have your bank been frustrating you lately with some of its rules?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24946points) 1 month ago

No idea when it started exactly but I can only deposit via mobile, ATM and in person checks that are payable to me. I can’t deposit other people’s checks even if they endorsed it to me. Even if that other person and I both walk into my bank with proper IDs. Simply annoying.

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No problem as of Thursday, deposited check at “Drive-up” window with pneumatic tube !

Disinfectant Wipes on all surfaces by me.

Oh checks were for my wife not me !!

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Only thing inconvenient for me is that the inside lobby is closed. I don’t drive to use the drive up part.

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There are a lot of policies being implemented by banks that give me an eerie feeling. Last year I threw a major squawk and scene in my local citibank branch. My kid had used the credit card I gave her back in graduate school to replace a tire destroyed by a piece of metal on the freeway. I received the bill and was surprised because I never use the card. Anyway, I quickly read the thing and understood. I put the card in my wallet and the next day on the walk back from Walgreens walked into the bank to pay off the bill. After braving the teller line, I was informed at the window that the bank’s policy was not to accept cash in payment for ANYTHING. At which point I just flipped out. “What the fuck are you talking about? Is THIS a Federally chartered bank? Isn’t it illegal for a bank to refuse to deal in U.S. currency?” I was screaming at the poor woman, the security guard was headed my way and the other patrons appeared terrified. I caught myself, apologized to the poor woman and carried the discussion with the guard right behind me to the bank manager who tried politely to repeat what the teller had told me. To this day I cannot explain why I became so incensed at the news, but I was so pissed that I hurled the card on the manager’s desk, and told him that “I understand that this is not your decision, but I will no longer do business with your bank.”— As if he might care one way or another.

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I haven’t tried to deposit a check originally written to someone else and then endorsed to me in 20 years, so I don’t know how that is at my banks.

Some banks are getting frustrating when it comes to deposits though. I deposit checks for other people over the last several years because of my job. The checks are made out to mazinger, and I’m depositing to mazinger’s account, but in some banks they want my ID, and look at me like I’m suspect. Other banks take the deposit and are very friendly and happily do the transaction.

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@stanleybmanly I am not sure how many banks have these rules, but that’s been how Chase Bank works. I had a similar reaction when I had to deal with them. I finally found out why. My daughter in law is a Chase Bank manager, and she told me they adopted the new rules to stop money laundering.

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Haven’t used a bank in over a decade. Never giving my money to those parasites. I continue to love my credit union and I am having no problems.

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Chase has been getting tighter and tighter with their restrictions. They have been hit with huge regulatory fines in the last several years. IMHO, they’re trying to show regulators they are cleaning up their act. Problem is, the clean up needs to start at the top.

It may be time for you to find a new financial institution, be it bank or credit union.

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I never “go off” on the bank teller or cashier or any other lower level employee. They don’t make the policies, they just enforce them. If any problem with a policy, ask to see it in writing, or ask for the manager, @stanleybmanly. If the cashier or teller violates what their policy is, they might lose their job, no matter if the policy you’re mad at is logical or illogical.

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I am aware of this, and the same holds true for the bank’s manager, which is why I apologized to both. The proof of your assertion lies in the fact that some corporate toady called whining about the bank’s deep and genuine concern for my satisfaction. When I asked whether that concern might be involved with me or the money I removed from the clutches of her employer, there was an abrupt snort on the other end of the line and a pause in the soothing whiskey-contralto voice while she (I assume) regained her composure. I then asked her just how much money was required before her voice was to be applied to the errant offender. This time she laughed audibly, and quickly changed the subject advising me not to be flippant about a matter so crucial to my “financial interests”. But I’m once again drifting from the topic. Not 5 minutes after hanging up on the corporate siren, the phone rings again, and this time it’s the poor bank manager apologizing for MY ill temper. I told him he deserved a job with dignity and apologized sincerely for the difficulties I had caused him. I then grabbed 2 bottles of Tattingers from the basement, and pimped into the bank with a bottle for the manager and one for the teller. I was in the bank before it occurred to me that the gesture might appear to the disgruntled patrons in the interminable teller line as some sort of open bribe. I then turned around and walked out to await a more discreet attempt.

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