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Does your state allow home delivery of beer and wine?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28019points) 1 month ago

We people in Georgia are suffering… no home deliveries of wine and beer. The legislature began to work on a new law before the virus closed everything.


Can you get alcohol delivered in your state?

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I just looked on Instacart and Publix Liquors and ABC wine and spirits is listed, so I’m guessing yes.

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Looks like it is. And it appears Oregon is fast-tracking licenses since the covid thing started happening.

The 7/11 a few blocks from my house has beer and wine so I just walk up when I need a drink.

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Drive-thru in North Carolina but no to delivery !

Local restaurants are selling for crib-side pick up.

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@Tropical_Willie so even babies can drink beer in North Carolina?

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In 1984 living in Connecticut we would order from the neighborhood “Package Store”, they would delivery. The owner would bring wine or liquor, we had credit line and would pay at the end of the month. Ha-HA

@elbanditoroso They still require photo ID !!

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Apparently you can.

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Yes. Even the supermarkets will deliver it as well as hard liquor.

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ThX @johnpowell

Edit” ”selling for crib-side pick up” should read “selling for curb-side pick up”

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Probably in CA, but I don’t really know.

I get wine and beer when I shop at Hole Paycheck, so I don’t need delivery for that.

The yummy margaritas made by the El Torito near me are available for takeout, and perhaps they’re also available via delivery.

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The local breweries are offering no-contact free delivery. And restaurants are offering delivery for cocktails.

(SF Bay Area)

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Yes! Thank goodness.

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