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Where do you think fluther is going?

Asked by Meatwad (143points) September 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Is it getting better? Is it getting worse?

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better all the time! Hey, you just joined! How can you even ask a question like that?

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Different. But better.

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just different…

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it has it’s ups and downs…

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I’ve got to admit it’s getting better
a little better all the time

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thanx Sir Paul

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I will like fluther so much more after November.

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better of cos.

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@stratman37 – The fact that they have “lurve” tats probably has nothing to do with Fluther. The word have been around for a long time. See?

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It’s still very good, been here for a few months now.

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Forward, with blinding speed.

September 2, 2008, 4:53 AM EDT

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@cheebdragon: why November?

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Just when I despair of it, it reinvigorates me or amuses me, or teaches me something.

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It seems to be finding its stride and balance.

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@ Stratman – is lurve a fluther thing? do we know the people?

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staying and going wherever the Flutherites decide to take it.

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Staying right here- in my big, fat, motherly heart.

if you get that reference I will lurve you to death

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Not from the Business of Online Design Blog I assume.

Knotmyday's avatar

BoDo? no… but I saw that reference in google. plagiarists.

marinelife's avatar

I assumed since that perhaps he had used it without attribution. Naughty, naughty!

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Fluther is going to get bigger and bigger until it takes over the entire internet. There will be no room for smaller, more boring sites, and all the cool people on the entire planet will want to be here. Andrew and Ben will have to live in seclusion to avoid the paparazzi clamoring at their door for just a glimpse of the brilliant young men who created the most successful site in internet history.

Bri_L will retire a very wealthy man because he will get the advertising contract for the site. johnpowell will get rich making robots to serve Andrew and Ben while they work. Astrochuck will be discovered for his sense of humor, quit his job as postal worker and go on tour as a stand up comedian, raking in millions. Delirium’s art will be discovered, and she will become very famous and wealthy. Countless others will make contacts on the site which will enrich their lives.

Aren’t you glad you joined up now? I know I am!

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I want a squirrel…

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@Scamp Rules! Oh, wait…. she wrote something up there… lets take a look and see what….


thanks scamp

@Cheebdragon – I want for you to have a squirrel

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Ha ha, thanks Bri! And if cheeb does get her squirrel, there are always plenty of nuts for it on fluther!!

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make it a flying squirrel like the one from
Samurai Champloo, Momo.

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Right, cheeb, you shoulda bought the squirrel! (Thanks for the chance to use one of my favorite movie lines.)

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I was thinking an attack squirrel would be awesome…...but I would totally settle for a squirrel that could waterski….have you seen the lady who has the waterskiing squirrel? How did she figure out that the squirrel could even waterski?......seriously, has anyone even seen a squirrel in the water? I can’t imagine how they would swim, their hands seem so small compaired to rest of their body…..
these are the things I think about LOL

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I saw the waterskiing squirrel. Maybe when you get your squirrel it could take attack lessons from the rabbit on Monty Python.

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Or a la the Movie Black Sheep from embryonic genetically altered lambs resembling Lambchop.

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What is the deal with all of the “Thread Jackers”?

What do tree rats have to do with fluther’s future?

My first question; trolled!
Could fluther top myspace or YouTube?

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Sounds like somebody’s asking a new question….....

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@ Cheebdragon – you think about those things because you rock. end of story.

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@cheebdragon “I want a squirrel…”

Presto one Squirrel

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Sounds like there are a bunch of assholes on fluther!

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Hmm, perhaps you are the answer to your own question, Mr. Cranky Pants.

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Did I miss something?

@ Meatwad – what was that?

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Hmmm. Seems like someone arrived with a chip on his shoulder. Too bad. Next!

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if you ment me, I just didn’t understand meatwad.

I didn’t mean to ruin anything.

Knotmyday's avatar

not you, Bri…

Bri_L's avatar

oh. Whew!!

I would guess that the direction of Fluther as determined by indevidual user, meaning you meatwad, would be not long for this world. Tangental thoughts are allowed here and courtisy preferred. You could just be polite about it.

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