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Do people who live near moving bodies of water ever get sick of hearing it?

Asked by Jeruba (49321points) 1 month ago

I love the ocean, with its waves and tides, and I’ve stayed near running brooks and rivers for periods of time. The sound is usually pleasant and soothing (not counting storms). But I’ve wondered what it would be like to hear it constantly and forever.

Have you or anyone you know ever just wanted to shut it off and enjoy the silence for a change?

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I have always loved it. I have been by moving water for years at a time and never got tired of it. I find it very soothing. I have also lived near freeways (I do now, in fact) and at night, (without sirens) the traffic sounds a lot like a river to me, and is soothing.

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I love the sound of rivers and creeks, have lived near them and have never tired of hearing it.

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There is no such thing as silence in most places, with wind and vehicles and airplanes and in the house, don’t even get me started.

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Not me. I love moving water, wind, and rain sounds. I’ve never grown tired of them.

I once moved from a quiet place to someplace where I could hear an interstate highway all the time, and I was concerned, but it turned out not to bother me. Not as good as natural sounds, but not bad, at least at a distance. I do prefer quiet to even faint distant road noise though.

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When I first moved to this house, I was aware of the trains running all night long a quarter of a mile away. Now I’m not even hearing them. I like being near water sounds but I imagine that after some time, You’re not really aware of them most of the time.

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I think most of us adapt to background noise. There are 3 mechanical clocks in our house which strike out of the 6 total. The others are set to silence. But the kitchen regulator bongs loud enough that the sound carries to every room in the house. There is no “silence” switch on it’s pendulum regulated mechanism, but the volume might well be adjusted through bending the rod attached to the hammer which strikes the coil producing the sound. But we’re accustomed to it, and I’m actually happy to have the audible reminder of the time. But in the wee hours the ticking in the house is cacophony (if you aren’t accustomed to it.)

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You eventually tune out any constant noise.

But sometimes I get tired of hearing a garden waterfall

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I once rented a crummy apartment next to a set of train tracks. I got so used to that sound it became part of the background noise and actually helped me relax. Same goes for moving water.

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^^ We should have a “haha” button.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me except, of course, train tracks don’t make any sound.

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@Yellowdog Of course but what rides on them does

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