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Was firing the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt a big mistake?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21692points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Will Trump be called to task for the decision?

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It was a mistake but not a big one IMO. The captain obviously did a good deed but through inappropriate channels and breached chain of command protocols. Likely knowingly, and probably in an attempt to make his superiors look bad. We are just watching office politics play out in prime time here.

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Well, it seems like the acting Secretary of the Navy has been called to task now by someone. He has tendered his resignation after going to Guam and calling the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt stupid and an idiot to the sailors on board the ship.

In my mind, there is a chain of command and above that morally, the duty to protect the military personnel who serve under you.

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I just heard the news of the Secretary’s resignation along with Trump’s declaration (whatever that’s worth) that he has nothing to do with any of it.

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^ He never has anything to do with it unless he thinks it will help him get reelected

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