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Has the epidemic spared Trump the possibility of his second impeachment prior to November?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) April 8th, 2020 from iPhone

The focus has shifted to the fool’s management of the contagion

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Management? What management? Oh. Yes. The Trump Pandemic Reality TV Show! To be cancelled this November maybe?

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There is little question that he will have the contagion hanging from his neck come November.

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I doubt it, they’ll probably stil try again before the election.

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I don’t know about any second impeachment; but he’ll still call his administration’s response a win for him personally if he can somehow claim to have saved us from it; for instance, by touting a supposed miracle drug (with a ready scapegoat in case it doesn’t work or supplies run out), or by predicting hugely inflated numbers of deaths so anything less can be claimed as a victory.

Any attempt to estimate the depth of his cynicism, corruption, and self-interested manipulations is certain to fall short.

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