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How have your celebrations and observances changed under the present pandemic conditions?

Asked by Jeruba (51920points) April 8th, 2020

People go right on having birthdays, anniversaries, religious observances, and other special calendar-driven dates, regardless of what’s happening out there.

How have yours changed under present conditions?

And is there anything you like about the forced adaptations?

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I didn’t stock up on hollow milk chocolate Easter chocolate.

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This past Saturday was my 28th wedding anniversary. I spent it working and my husband spent it with abdominal pain. We couldn’t have done what our original plan was before the pandemic. I had hoped to finally visit a Tibet restaurant that’s a few doors down from our house. They are delivering food but our situation kept us from doing so. Maybe next payday we can celebrate with delivery.

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I haven’t had any yet.
My only occasion so far was a surgery I had to miss.

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It will be my wife’s birthday next wednesday (15th)
We usually have a meal in our favoured restaurant, that will now change.
That’s okay though…I got this!

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Well….it seems like years since I’ve seen my Grandkids.

I was had to cancel a doctor’s appointment I had at the beginning of the month.

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We got carry out from our favorite restaurant for hubs birthday and will do the same for Sonny next week

The Jazz Jubilee we go to for our anniversary every year is cancelled.

Several activities Sonny and his family had planned are canceled.

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Well, we cancelled our Easter Dinner with family and friends, but as a consolation, I plan to eat an entire ring of jumbo shrimp cocktail by myself.

With a crab-stuffed mushroom chaser.

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^ Weren’t your family gatherings stressful for you or am I thinking of someone else? If it was you this may be a blessing in disguise. :)

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Shit @cookieman! Where do you live and I’m on the way!

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@Patty_Melt Would you care to expand?

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Your wife’s fifteenth birthday?

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Haha, no that will be the date!

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^Lies. All lies. :D

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@Jonsblond: They are, but my wife and daughter really love hosting holidays, so we keep on with them.

@Dutchess_lll: Luckily the butcher shop up the street has remained open, so we at least get some yummy food. Still near Boston, come on by.

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