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When will you feel safe to interact with people without masks, without distancing, and be in large groups?

Asked by JLeslie (58949points) 1 month ago

When do you see going back to not worrying about COVID-19 anymore? I mean you personally, not our governments.

Even if there is a vaccine, not everyone will be vaccinated at once.

If you get sick with the flu, or anything, it could make you weakened, making you more vulnerable to C19.

If your country starts opening up businesses again, are you jumping right in, or are you going to hang back for a while and see what happens?

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My initial reaction to this Q was 6 months after trump tells us that it’s safe to resume normalcy!!! On second thought, I’ll have to wait & see how this goes & use my gut & common sense to determine when I feel comfortable. Who knows, I might never get to that point!!! I’m totally expecting the virus to continue on for years. We’ll get to the place where it seems to be leaving & then we go back to being normal it will work its way back through,

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When there is a vaccine, everyone was forced to take it, and Karen has choked to death on her healing crystals and essential oils.

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It sort of depends when people stop dying in large numbers. It’s hard to guess right now. It’s never going to go away completely.

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@ragingloli Are you in favor of forced vaccination? I just had a conservation yesterday on facebook with people completely freaked out about the possibility. They read too much of that anti-vax propaganda, but even people who are pro-vaccination might be wary of being the first ones vaccinated. Although, I think most people will happily line up.

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Vaccinations will be like Polio vaccinations, in the 1940’s and 1950’s a half million people a year worldwide would die. Polio vaccinations started in mid 50’s and deaths dropped dramatically. I remember two kids in school that had it before there was a vaccine.

Maybe vaccination will start by September 2021. My crystal ball !

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When the purge begins or when panic farts cease to clog the atmosphere.

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I wouldn’t force vaccinations. That’s not right and opens up too many doors.

Everyone should get vaccinated. But you can’t force. This anti-vax stuff is bullshit but within their rights. It gets a bit wishy-washy when those dumbasses get sick and choose not to stay away from others (if it’s contagious) then that becomes a public health thing. Still wouldn’t force vaccines.

I’d feel safer once this gets under control.

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The minute the CDC says it’s OK.

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I’ve no idea. I’m just taking things one day at a time. But I won’t be in any rush to go back to anything “normal”.

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I will follow Dr Fauci’s lead on that.

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I wonder how long he will last?

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When? It depresses me to say not until I get vaccinated. I worry for myself but more so for high-risk individuals I interact with almost on a daily basis.

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When an effective vaccine I’d developed for “SARS Cov2”.

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I haven’t worn a mask or gloves to stores. I keep my distance from others and just hope for the best.

I don’t think I’ll go back to feeling comfortable being in large groups for a long time. I saw something today about handshakes might not ever be popular again.

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-Antibody Testing
First milestone for me is antibody testing. A lot of us will have had the virus and got over it. With good antibody testing all those people can go back to work with no risk to self or others.
-SARS-COV-2 Testing
it would be nice to have a level of testing, and contact-tracing, in the U.S. that civilized countries have done (e.g. South Korea). At this point in the U.S. we already missed the chance to do this effectively to prevent the spread, but it will help if we can quickly identify that someone has the active virus, and it would help more if resources were allocated to contact-tracing. -I’ve never felt more like I’m living in a third-world country than during this pandemic. At least many of our states have responsible people in charge.

But without a comprehensive national approach to testing and tracking there is no way to tell if we’re ready to open up the country to ‘normal’ activity, and we are likely to see more periods of lockdown later in the year and into next year, and additional deaths.

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@dabbler Even if you’ve had it, you can still pass it on. Maybe not in the form of coughing and sneezing, but by picking up the virus on your hands and transporting it elsewhere.

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@Dutchess that’s true that one can transmit as a third party but that’s far less hazard than the airborne virus in breath from an infected person.

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Probably what we really need is to test everyone and when someone has had the SAR-COV-2 then tattoo 666 on their forehead !
There will be laws that you can only do business with people who have 666 tattooed.

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It’s not airborne, not in the way “airborne” means. It doesn’t float around. It gets ejected in a sneeze or a cough. It’s carried by mucus and saliva, and is “airborne” for only the length of time it takes to fall, which is less than 6 feet.
If it was airborne this social distancing would be worthless.

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Thank heavens Covid 19 isn’t like measles which is airborne supposedly.

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Well, I just did some checking on the measles and it doesn’t seem to be any more airborne than C19. That means it’s airborne for only as long as it takes the mucus carrying the virus to drop to the floor.

To me, “airborne” means it just floats and it can float through air ducts and down stairs.

But, maybe I’m wrong. I’m going to Caravanfan’s 3rd covid post and ask.

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Last article I read about measles was it’s aerosolized? Stays afloat. Can’t recall where I read it. Could be fake news.

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Measles is aerosolized. It’s EXTREMELY contagious. 70–90% of people in a room will catch measles from the one person in the room who has it even if they never were very close to each other or never talked to each other.

Edit: here’s a diagram, but note it’s a little old. I saw Burx today say they think COVID19 is actually more like 4–5.

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@mazingerz88 “aerosolized” just means somebody sneezed or coughed.

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^^No it doesn’t. Oy. Aerosolized means it’s so small that it’s practically weightless and it floats around the room staying suspended for a long time. Even when we breath or talk these small particles full of measles is being released. Google maybe. You’re making stuff up.

Aerosolized as opposed to droplets from the mouth, the droplets are larger and drop to the ground faster. A sneeze causes the droplets to go further than when we breath or talk because there is more force or velocity of air from the lungs.

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I didn’t make it up. Caravanfan told me what it meant.

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It can occur when people sneeze or cough, but that has not been the concern with COVID19, although there could be some of that happening. Fauci always kind of shrugs his shoulders when asked about it, and says things like “no not really.” Which means to me there could be some of that, but 6 feet doesn’t do much of anything if it is truly aerosolized like measles, and the distancing is helping.

I just searched and this article suggests maybe under perfect conditions there is some aerosolized particles from COVID19. Also, this article says the RO is 2–3, but recently Birx said they now think it is possibly more like 4–6.

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