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Depends on where it is. example

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@elbanditoroso yes on forehead for instance….

Just more 3D depth?

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We would see quite a lot differently, but the type of difference depends on the positioning.
Centrally located on the forehead could help the centering of the other two eyes, increase distance judgement, and present a higher definition to the brain. Glasses and goggles would present a special problem, and bangs would be almost unheard of.
An off center location would not be terribly useful.
On the chin would be a disaster, especially when eating a hot pizza slice.

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Also would depend on how your brain/nervous-system processed it.

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Just one more eye I would have to make up.

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Is this how the musical group Third Eye Blind got their name?

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I submit, there would need to be supporting bone structure, and also a protective brow.

This would really throw off the look of the forehead. If you put the eye beneath a unified brow in-between the other two eyes, and lowered the nose, and sinuses, it would stretch the face downward.

The layout we have is nice, now that I really consider it that way.

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We wouldn’t see any better than our standard stereo vision.

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If it was on the back top of our head, that would be great for safety.

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That depends on the location of the eye, and what part of the light spectrum the eye actually can see. Maybe it could also be a super zoom lens for extreme ranges.

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These would finally have buyers.

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Just below the naval would be an interesting spot.

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@kritiper, so, a porthole in the pants?

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@Ltryptophan I suppose one wouldn’t use it in the normal sense.

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@kritiper wait how would you be thinking to use it?

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Now what do you think?

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No matter what you use a lap eye for, it would be weird to cover it up.

Response moderated (Obscene)
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50% greater chance to poke your eye out. (With a third eye, no matter where it is.)

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