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Has the virus caused any noticeable difference in crime?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15629points) 1 month ago

I’m wondering if there have been decreases in contact crimes, such as rape, home invasion, car jacking, or perhaps an uptick in violence due to the worldwide anxieties.

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I don’t know about anywhere else in the world, but my car got egged and my side mirror broken in my driveway. Neighbor’s house was vandalized, several garages on the next street were broken into, cars broken into. Two cars were stolen and one was set on fire. I’m not in a sketchy neighborhood at all and lots of people have reported it being a group of teenagers. So, presumably school being out is contributing to a little chaos.

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There has been a dramatic increase in domestic abuse, both against partners and children.

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Only anecdotal increase in domestic abuse.

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@Tropical_Willie I can’t remember where I read it, but an article cited a 20% increase in calls.

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I heard on the radio (must be true. HA!) that there’s a decrease in home burglaries because so many people are staying home.

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Two closed restaurants downtown were broken into. Liquor and electronic devices stolen.

I worry about people who have weapons but not food wanting in where people have food but not weapons, such as my house.

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We are getting that, too @Jeruba. Closed business vehicles used for thieves.

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Also noted: more rodent invasions of domestic spaces because so few restaurants are putting out nice edible garbage.

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Wow! What chaos!
@f I hadn’t even thought about an increase in teen crime, but of course it makes sense.

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No increase locally, although specific virus related crime has been reported.
Thankfully, only pockets of incidents in more densely populated areas.
I read yesterday of the arrest of 2 fucking morons who had been caught on cctv licking their hands & wiping them on exposed vegetables, meat produce & fridge handles in a supermarket.
Grown men too, the power of people’s idiocy is truly terrifying!

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Well I’m off fresh produce for a while. That’s so nasty! Now just going through the produce area will cause an uninvited visual.

Back in the day, those people were thrown into the river soon after their birth.

I caught a rumor of a woman here in the states doing the same.

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My son in law, who is a police sergeant, told me:

- domestic abuse, domestic calls are way up
– suicides and such are up some, particularly for druggies
– robberies, burglaries, home invasions – way down

SWAT is still doing drug busts and such, and they’re finding people at home.

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@Tropical_Willie: “Only anecdotal increase in domestic abuse.”


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Mexican violence is way up.

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Sorry, I meant domestic violence. Sorry to disappoint you.

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Ramped up looting.

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@Patty_Melt The store had to ask everyone to leave so they could do a thorough deep clean & the food items were thrown away.
The insane walk among us & it takes a global pandemic for them to be exposed.

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@ucme-You’ve got that right!

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Not sure how accurate this is, but a few articles say that an inmate who was released due to COVID-19 tried to rob a bank.
That’s another issue. We should not be releasing anybody from prisons. If they are there for very minor crimes and are close to ending their sentence anyways + have good behavior, sure. But there should be no such thing as “violent inmate released due to COVID-19”
That’s bullshit.

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There’s been a major reduction in traffic here, so there’s probably been an increase in jaywalking! ;-0

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I’ve read that domestic violence is on the rise due to all that togetherness.

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A friend is a secretary for the District Attorney here and she said there’s a big reduction in arrests and tickets given out. Makes sense. If a cop pulls someone over or deals with something, he exposes himself. Of course, some things can’t be avoided, but pulling people over is optional.

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I think that has more to do with less people being outside to arrest and beat senseless/kill.

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@loli, I think you are correct. The cops here make PSAs asking people to stay out of trouble, so they can do their jobs without spreading illness. These cops are devoted to their jobs and the community. If they have to, they will take care of business.
The streets are nearly devoid of humans. A few days ago though, there were two shootings in the same day. The cops are busy on that mostly right now.

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Drivers seem to be speeding even faster.

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