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Why is Trump pulling federal funding for Covid19 testing?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20598points) April 10th, 2020

Especially when he said a short time ago anyone who wanted a test will get a test.
Now he pulls federal funding for it?

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Some test sites have stated they will have to close when this happens.
And Rep/cons get all twisted when I say this is one scary orange hair freak.
Does this not prove that Trump only cares about himself, and not the people of his country?

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This will directly hurt the poorer areas, and he’d rather those people just die off.

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You guys should really learn how to Google, such a misleading question showing zero facts.

“The federal involvement was they provided the test kits. As of last week, they were no longer involved and left all of the test kits to use as we deemed appropriate,” Georgia’s Department of Public Health said in a statement, noting that the state has been managing two of these sites.
“Under their guidelines we could only use them in two sites in the state, now we are free to disperse them as needed,” the statement continued, referring to the test kits. “The sites were already in existence and running when they came in and they still are—smoothly.”

nstead, the states can choose whether to continue to receive federal funding and support or take over operations themselves, federal officials said.

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@KNOWITALL is correct. The test kits have been produced and distributed. The individual states are controlling the test sites. This is the way our Federal government works.

I can’t imagine any news source, no matter how biased, actually saying that some test sites stating they will have to close,

In any case, the plan to close Federal funding was reversed eight hours before you posted this question. Hopefully more will be on the news tonight about what the Federal program entails that will continue to be funded.

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Here is an article explaining it. ”The Trump administration is pulling back federal support of testing sites by the end of the week, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, amid ongoing concerns over testing shortages nationwide. ”

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@Dutchess_III That’s the same one I posted from CNN. Except it’s very clearly misleading in the headline, which is what upsets me.
Why not “States Now in Charge of COVID”, which is clearly more to the point but far less dramatic. haha!

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I think it’s good news. Our governor is far more effective than trump will ever be. Of course, she’s a woman, so of course she is. :D :D :D

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@SQUEEKY2 You’re so lucky to live in Canada.

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I still think your privatized health care will make this pandemic in the states far worse than in countries that have universal health care.
Just in Canada’s case alone,at the rate the virus has been in Canada if our population was the same as the states April 8 so can’t talk for today we would have had 200,000 infected compared to the usa that had over twice that.
And that was just a comparison if our populations were the same, some one or system has dropped the ball in the states and continues to do so.
How many really have to die in the US for the Government to really take this seriously ?
Is this the red flag for Republicans to finally realize privatized health care isn’t the answer, probably not they will just scream and shout and do what their are told and say universal health care is to expensive and that aint for me.

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@Love_my_doggie I know it.
The states with ole orange hair at the nuke button scare the crap out of me.

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe you should investigate the origins of COVID 19 and where it spread, and how many died, and what kind of health care they had. And which countries are working on solutions.

The Chinese Communist Party is responsible fr this pandemic, for covering it up, and making people disappear who tried to warn us, and destroyed medical evidences. The resolution will be that medical supplies and research must be produced in responsible countries which take real leadership and aid other nations

Are there any socialist governments of the world that are finding solutions?

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^^ Exactly

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Yellow dog how do you know those governments are not looking for solutions?

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Hey @Yellowdog The US just passed Italy with the most confirmed deaths due to Covid19 how is your country doing finding a solution to this disaster?

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Italy sure isn’t doing too well with Socialized medicine. Are you saying you’ve made a 180?

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I am saying your country with it better than universal health care is now leading the world with deaths due to covid 19.
And how is the states doing finding a solution to this pandemic?
Yes this disaster started in China, and no I don’t blame your orange hair god for it, but for the states getting on this early is a fucking lie, not shutting down things like Spring break, and large gatherings was a fuck up as well and now your paying for it.
If you remember ole Orange hair stated before he changed his tune was it was nothing more than a democratic hoax, I know he has since seen it another way, but when he said that was that getting on this Pandemic early?
As for China keeping the lid on this thing until it blew I don’t doubt that for a second.
But I also don’t think we are seeing real numbers from the states as well.
Well one thing sure is true the states is number one in this Pandemic people infected and dead.
And all the Don Father is really concerned about is getting the economy up and going,yup you right winger sure got your priorities right.

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Italy has less than one fifth the population of the United States. The pandemic in New York has been traced to Italy, and it is where most of our numbers for Covid-19 are situated,

Individual governors of the states must order things like Spring Break. The president has no authority to do this. New Orleans got its record outbreaks from Marti Gras activities, which the Mayor refused to cancel or shut down. Now, she blames the president for her own inactions. Some Democrats were still calling it a deflection hoax at that time.

Trump was assembling the Covid 19 Task Force in January and February, when Biden and the media was saying it was xenophobic and a distraction from the impeachment hearings. The Travel Ban from Wuhan, China and mandatory quarantine was ordered by the President on January 29. The Democrats didn’t even start blaming Trump for it until late February, like the third week.

In the U.S. if you die with COVID 19 or its antibodies, even if it wads a heart attack or stoke or fall from a ladder, or any illness at all, it counts as a COVID death.

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Bullshit. As usual.

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Thank you @Dutchess_III !
At least I didn’t have to say it, The Rep/cons can do no wrong and never except and blame on anything.
I hope a lot of innocent people don’t end up dead when that orange hair freak tries to get things started may 1.

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@Dutchess_III “Bullshit. As usual.” ....Which part?

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