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Could a person be hypnotized (by choice) and made to have different, fictional memories of one's past?

Asked by Yellowdog (11945points) April 10th, 2020

Such as, to remember persons, relationships they never actually had, places or events they never attended, or forget those they HAD experienced?

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Considering there are traumatized people who have huge blanks in their memory as a protective mechanism, I believe it could be possible, with some people, to “fill in the blanks.”
I don’t believe someone could be talked into swapping out any memories they do have.
Now, with brain washing it is very different.

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This can be a real problem as related to false memory syndrome

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No. How could anyone remember something that didn’t happen?

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Oh it’s possible @kritiper. The brain is a crazy, creative organ. We tend to reshape memories over time.
But not by hypnosis.

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Still very difficult to remember a visionary type of memory if it didn’t happen. The brain is a creative organ, but it is also a very logical one.

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It’s called imagination. If you tell yourself something happened a certain way, and you replay it enough, you start to believe it.

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It just seems to me that it would be cool to implant memories of things that never happened.

I don’t mean just pretend that they happened. I mean, really append memories—or at least strongly feel like they happened even if we “know” they didn’t.

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My daughter insists that she has memories growing up of tthings that never happened. Sometimes she says her bro and sis were there. I asked my son about one and he just mildly said “She just has different memories than the rest of us.”

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@Dutchess_lll I can’t see that happening with anyone. Not logically.

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It’s not logical to me either.

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Although I can imagine things in my past that didn’t happen, I’d just like a much stronger sense that they had. I guess I don’t have to actually BELIEVE believe it, though that would be even better.

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