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What is the official way the States are counting infections and deaths during this crisis?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20610points) April 12th, 2020

I heard they were not counting nursing home deaths, is that true?
I also heard they were only counting infections and deaths that were in hospital, is that true as well?

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Are they only counting positive tests?

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It’s unconfirmed at time of posting, but the rumour is that they hired the Count off Sesame Street.

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With Trump at the wheel I can believe that.^

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My state has been checked reporting how many tested, how many positive vs how many negative results, how many positives hospitalized, and how many deaths. There is also a map which lists how many positives for each county.

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What makes you think they aren’t counting nursing home deaths, @SQUEEKY2 (except that you read it on Fluther)?

EVERY death, if Covid-19 is present, is being counted as a corona death. Even if the person died from a heart attack or something terminal they already had before Corona.

Trump has nothing to do with how Corona deatjs are counted.

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I hear it on other news sites not just Fluther @Yellowdog and boy you sure are defensive what makes you so sure they are counting those nursing home deaths?
You seem certain that they are counting all deaths as Covid 19 SORRY I don’t believe you.
And I never brought up ole Orange hair YOU did.

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@SQUEEKY2 “With Trump at the wheel I can believe that.^”….Did Yellowdog hack your account to write that? ....seems unlikely….Oh! I bet it was those pesky Russians!?

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I’m sorry @cheebdragon I meant the question didn’t have anything about the Don Father,I over looked my cheeky response to @ucme .
I should be more careful for the Trump lovers in the pack huh?

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@SQUEEKY2 Considering how often you talk about Trump, I absolutely certain that no one loves him more than you.

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Now there is a cheeky response ^^^ good for you.

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So with that theory @cheebdragon I must love him?
Well what about @Yellowdog who sings praises and think he is just the best, does that mean he hates him?

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No. Both of you have him in mind all the time, and can’t stop talking about him.

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Because I can’t believe what an idiot he is, how much he flip flops on everything, and lies so much I don’t even think he knows he is lying.

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Oh?? Then why does my ranting about him bother you so much?

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Mostly I don’t care. You must have me mixed up with someone else. Just because I support my president doesn’t mean I’m going to get in a shouting match with everyone, or even anyone who doesn’t.

Look around. You will find me on a few threads confronting the haters, but I don’t drag on like the haters. I state my point and go. Mostly what you see from me is a heads up on my posts that I want non politic answers only.

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