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In the wake of Covid-19, will wearing a hijab and a niqad become more accepted?

Asked by filmfann (50077points) April 13th, 2020

Perhaps even fasionable?

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You know it’s kind of funny, I was wondering exactly the same thing yesterday.

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I mentioned this on a Q a day or two ago. That maybe the Muslims knew what they were doing. Although, the hijab basically just covers your hair, but I used to say on Q’s years ago when this topic used to come up, that I felt it was important to be able to see people’s face when indoors in public spaces, but now that’s out the window.

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It’s pretty acceptable already around here.

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I don’t think so.

Frankly, I’ve always thought head coverings were a show of faith, like Catholics with the head coverings, Jewish yamulke’s and Muslims hijabs. I don’t really understand why people have a problem with them, other than being xenophobia.

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No. For one thing, niqabs and hijabs are coverings for women – they don’t do men any good at all.

Second, what’s the point of covering head to toe when it’s the nose and mouth that are problematic.

Finally, can you see 160 million American women giving up bare arms and legs in the summer and fall?

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Not for black Americans. There are already enough incidents with wearing face masks during a global pandemic.

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