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Why do a few Jellies have yarnlady avatars?

Asked by tinyfaery (42545points) 2 months ago

As asked.

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Somebody decided to resurrect the Yarnpocalypse from years ago.

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That somebody was Jonsblond, at least it was she who asked if I would join in over the easter weekend, which I did.
Most of us long termers participated, much appreciated gesture said the yarnster herself.

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We are independent individuals.

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Yarnlady is the Easter Bunny.

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I thought Fluther could use a little fun since we’re all cooped up so I reached out to some jellies to see if they’d like to participate. I heard Yarnlady enjoyed it just as she did the first time this happened.

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@Jonsblond Thanks for spreading the word. I tried to start this last Wed by changing my avatar but no takers then. Easter and this isolation was a good time to resurrect this old tradition.

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It was fun. Great idea.

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