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Is good health helpful for concentration?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) April 14th, 2020

For example exercise and healthy diet? To focus on reading books and textbooks for fun.

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I’d say YES!!! When I’m sick my brain doesn’t function very well & I find it difficult to focus on what I’m attempting to do. Once I get better, it seems that everything levels back out & I’m functioning on all cylinders once again.

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I think to be free of pain is helpful. To be comfortable, not sick, not hungry, not cold, those things are all helpful.

Exercise helps your circulation which in turn helps your brain so that would also be beneficial. Not that there are not smart people who don’t exercise, because there are plenty of geniuses, professors, doctors etc. who never exercise.

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Well, poor health is certainly bad for it. But so are a lot of other things, such as anxiety, frequent interruptions, and a noisy environment. Good health might not spare you other impairing factors.

Also concentration can help take your mind off a health problem. For a little while, if you’re engrossed in something, maybe you can forget the creeping disease and even the chronic pain.

So I’d say helpful, yes, but neither necessary nor sufficient.

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Those things are at the top of the list, but motivation is just as important.
This site discusses some steps to success.

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Mens Sana’a in corporeal Sana’a.

Yes, and we have told you that for many years, that exercise and eating properly will make you clearheaded and thinking well.

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@zenvelo Yes, but one would have to be clearheaded and thinking well to take that advice. : )

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@RedDeerGuy1. But you have been asking for a good eight years.

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I think you need to keep the blood flowing to keep the mind sharp.

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@zenvelo Thanks for being patient with me. I hope that it sticks this time?

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Eating healthy for good brain function.

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I’m finding it helpful during this time of self isolation to go sit outside for 30 min to an hour in the late afternoon. I save checking my emails, texts, etc until it’s time for my clarity hour. It’s amazing how much better I think after getting some fresh air!!!

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