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In a theoretical scenario where you are one of a five person heist team, how would you non-theoretically mess up your thieving plans and execution?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26664points) April 14th, 2020 from iPhone

Just an attempt at a fun question during a pandemic.

Whether your band of thieves is going after cash or jewelry or art, how are you most likely going to ruin things for everybody?

What characteristic do you have that any thief cannot afford to have?

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I would spill my heist to a police officer. I am too honest and trusting. Maybe is the opposite of being paranoid?

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I’m too risk-averse. Even if I were dishonest and greedy enough (which I’m not), I’d probably never consider any heist to be a good idea. And I would not tend to trust the judgement of anyone who thought it was a good idea. At least, in reality. In a fictional/gaming situation, I’m quite competent. However I’d still be skeptical of the competence of my co-conspirators. And I might keep the plan from ever going into action by endlessly pointing out risks and problems with the plan.

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What is the function of the word “theoretical” in this question? And “nontheoretical” ?

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I’m honest to a fault.

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Me trying to sneak, but the sound of my clapping ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards.

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I would touch something without my gloves leaving a fingerprint. Or I would lock the keys in the getaway car.

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