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There is a stick insect on my screen. Is it common to find these in up-state New York?

Asked by DandyDear711 (1512points) September 2nd, 2008

I live near Albany.

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According to the range shown on this National Geographic fact sheet for the stick insect, yes.

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It’s extremely rare so I’m figurin’, “Armageddon”?

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@Marina – Here is a paragraph out of your fact sheet.

Many stick insects feign death to thwart predators, and some will shed the occasional limb to escape an enemy’s grasp. Others swipe at predators with their spine-covered legs, while one North American species, Anisomorpha buprestoides, emits a putrid-smelling fluid.

I guess I won’t be touching it! But I gotta take a picture though!

@Mr_M – I just watched Wall E and Iron Man at the drive in over the weekend so I am already a little spooked! I better go get my tea…

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Could be worse, DandyDear, since the ones in Borneo are gigantic—I would pass out if face-to-face with a 21 inch bug!

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These are the two species of Phasmids found in NY state:
Diapheromera femorata – Northern Walking Stick
Manomera blatchleyi – Blatchley’s Walking Stick

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I think from the pictures above that it WAS a Northern Walking Stick. It has disappeared and I didn’t get a picture!!

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The person holding this insect should get his/her won hand looked at! Yuck!!

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The Northern is far more common.

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I live 45 minutes SE of Albany also, but in a very rural area; and yes, they are common.

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NO—not an Anisomorpha buprestoides!

May God help you.

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Flower Stick witch is sitll in move it yust watching landscape.Flower stick live in a poster move in the air and so unleashed that nothing can desturbed.It is so unarmed that the live of that creature relay on you.Would you let flower stick go?Yust let it foow or catch it.The character will speak of your aware.

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I second what Gail said. I’m 30 minutes south of Albany in a rural area, and I see them around sometimes, too.

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Walking sticks are common in upstate New York as are a number of other giant insects including Praying Mantises
Dobson Flies
and Luna Moths

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