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Has any health care executive/minister ever apologized for missing the ball on Covid19?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) April 19th, 2020

Before It got bad my government minister in charge said that the infection rate is low and that we are safe.

Next time the government says that everything is ok,I will not believe them and prepare for the opposite.

Humor or clips of apology from government’s welcome

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All government officials are washing their hands.

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They all told some lies on purpose. They feel the need to manipulate the masses. I compare it to sending soldiers into war (who get injured and killed) to save the country.

They aren’t going to apologize for doing what they thought was best.

Now, America will start opening up, because we have only 55% full of our hospital beds. Testing is up and functioning better, and so since we are prepared better we can let people get sick. Don’t be a volunteer soldier! Continue to distance, stay inside as much as possible, wear a mask. Plenty of people don’t take it seriously, they are dangerous to us, and more dangerous to themselves if they mostly interact with their own.

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Some of the ministers who misled people are now dead of coronavirus. Divine irony.

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^^What country?

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@JLeslie the US. One or two preachers in Albany GA, one in Rome, GA, and a couple others I read about.

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Actually, I did here about one of them. When I first read your statement I thought you meant “health ministers” since the Q was about health executives/ministers. Maybe I misunderstood the OP.

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