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Describe a time when you were caught naked.

Asked by Coolhandluke (2404points) April 21st, 2020

What happened?

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I am was a pro. I was never caught

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A salesman came to the door and I had to quickly duck behind the arm of the couch.
He leaned over and was asking questions through the screen and would not STFU.
I told him that I wasn’t interested in buying any clothes. Just kidding. I don’t remember what he was selling but I was glad he left.

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My fatherINlaw accidentally saw a nakie picture of me. Not the same exactly, but still a funny story. It was pretty much a non issue tho.

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Does streaking the university radio station in 1974 count?

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When I first bought my house, we had a tendency to forget we had a park behind us and to the left, so yeah, we had to put curtains up (like on the French doors.) Since we have no children, we don’t always wear clothes in the house.

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7th grade gym class.
If you remember weird science the scene where the two kids had their pants pulled down in front of the girls gym class…

That happened to me, right in front of a group of like three girls.One of my “friends” snuck behind me while I was talking to one of them and pulled my gym shorts right down to my ankles. Little fucker. I was all out there in full glory. All I could do was just pull them back up and casually finish the conversation.

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When I was born.
What can I say?
My mother had a helluva pelvic thrust & the nurse wore a catcher’s mitt.

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Well when I was younger, I was just getting out of the tub, and a male guest that was over came in to use the bathroom thinking it was no big deal. I mistakenly left the bathroom door unlocked. A little awkward at first, but nothing too big.

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